Chinese drama is dubbed to & # 39; Helps to include Chinese culture to the Arab world #AsiaNewsNetwork


Ashraf Hamed is the leader of Vibration Studios, a partner with China International Radio (CRI) for creating Arab radio shows related to China and dubbing Chinese drama in Egypt.

"Our work certainly guarantees Chinese culture in the Arab world. Jin Tailang's Jin Life coverage was the highest level of observers on Channel 2 of the state of Egypt's state, according to data official and statistics, "Hamed told Xinhua at one of his films.

In the two-story Vibration Studio, artists, editors, sound devices and sound technicians have been busy working on dubbing Chinese TV drama as part of an Egyptian- Chinese.

"We started collaborating with CRI in mid-2012 through its regional office in Cairo. Over the last six years, we gave us a series of Chinese television programs and we added to & # 39; our partnership with CRI so that we have now broadcast daily radio programs on Egyptian radio, "Hamed said.

By the end of 2013, the Egyptian state CRI and TV hosted a protocol for working on the Happy Life opera Jin Tailang, Happy Life for the first time in the TV history of Egypt. Later on, other Chinese films broadcast broadcast on Egypt in a similar agreement with the name in September 2015, including the latest Romance of Our Parents, Never Give Up Dodo and Ode to Joy.

"Through these years of collaboration with our friends and partners in the Vibration Studio, I believe everyone in the studio now knows more about China, especially the modern Chinese life, "said Wang Xin, an active representative of the CRI regional bureau in Cairo Xinhua.

"We do not just select the TV series that reflects the traditional Chinese culture but also those who show modernization and development of China today, "Wang continued. "We want audiences in Egypt and even in the Middle East to be more familiar with Chinese people today."

In one of the recording studios, soundproofed with a sound foam, there was a microphone standing where dubbed artists record the debate as a key part of the dubbing process.

Doaa Riyad, an actress who had been abducted by the Egyptians who has been working in the field for years, said that Chinese drama was one of the most difficult actions for him; Chinese style has written words different from Arabic.

"A Chinese phrase may be too long for its Arabic translation or otherwise, which is another problem that we include Chinese drama, which is a # 39; giving food words to be difficult, "said Xinhua's dubbed artist in the recording studio.

"But we're all over here in script preparation and we're doing our best to make sure it looks good at the end," she said.

The woman said, Fan, one of the main characters from Ode to Joy, has played a series of Chinese TV programs for her a general idea of ​​Chinese social life.

"I believe that the Chinese are more like us, than others, even in the relationship between the man and the woman and the traditions that belong to girls, the modes and marriages, etc., "said Xinhua's dubious actor.

Engineers and technicians in a nearby equipped nest studio, with advanced software equipment such as mixers, prefaces and speakers, are responsible for creating Foley, and & # 39; arranging the video and audio clusters, and delivering the finals named.

Mohamed Ghanem, Vibration Studios's engineer and designer, explained that his team realized that they were talking about questions that had been written. after they were going to write Chinese TV series, so they started preparing for the early stages as the translation level from Chinese to Arabic.

"We will translate actors' translation on track, and their music has a different track and Foley has a different way and we have all of them, "said Ganem.

"I enjoy seeing Chinese drama as long as I'm working by submitting them to the fact that I am working in a program occasionally and wait for the next thing to see what happened, "said the sound engineer to Xinhua.

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