Chinese medicine in the Hradec border –


"The Endowment Trust provides support from the Center's work to support traditional Chinese Medicine and Preferences, which will support projects supported by TCM in the Czech Republic," said Jakub Sochor, hospital speaker.

The Hradec Center has spent more than three thousand patients spent over three years, where specialists helped with different types of continuous pain. The center offered patients for prevention, investigation and treatment based on traditional Chinese medicine, including medicines such as acupuncture or exercise.

Despite the client's clients; They paid their own remedy, the loss of the annual loss of the crown.

Recent reformers have recently resembled the reforms and Chinese medicine experts from the law on pro-credential workers. [celá zpráva]

Chinese medicine, according to the Ministry of Health, should be prepared under law for cure.

Applicants will be recommended by their fund

Patients present and other interested in traditional Chinese medicine can turn to the Musis Franz Center from March, who will continue to acupuncture or notify the Endowment Fund above to support Chinese Medicine and Other Choices in Prague.

"We are ready to provide information on TCM treatment options in the Czech Republic," said Jan Hovorka, who founded this property, said that there is an international cooperative agreement at funded by TCM Shuguang in Shanghai, TCM warden.

"FN HK's three-year work is worthy of more help to identify the reasons for a scientific project that the results so far and skillfully play in the clinical environment will examine and analyze the ways which is common to western medicine around the world, "said Hovorka.

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