Chinese phone Huawei challenged spirit


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Should we stop Huawei, a Chinese manufacturer of smartphones and telecom devices? The United States is pushing for this and France is think.

For any simple reason: Huawei has suspects to spy on behalf of the Chinese authorities. And what causes Western countries to worry about 5G a & # 39; Huawei comes to a & # 39; access to the heart of the communication networks. The United States and Australia have blocked Huawei from 5G network building. And Washington is now trying to confirm its relatives: A & # 39; Germany, Japan, etc. do the same thing. France is also suspicious about China: Huawei was removed from 4G in Ile de France, where there are largest power stations and headquarters. With the move to 5G, the reluctance is even bigger although it has not been proven – it may not be that – Huawei has put instruments of spirit into the equipment.

Should we also be aware of its smartphone?

Yes and all applications that are installed. For example, if you use the Chinese WeChat application, you will know that you can copy your own data, your links, your pictures, your messages on your watch in China, and know where are you. Tell me that it is the same as American apps. Yes, we need Chinese-language WeChat to keep that data at Chinese authorities: it is written in black and white under service terms. They have no choice. In a short time, we have already been looking forward to permanently and in the # 39; In this case we have been seen for police state benefit. So, the fear of US authorities: what are the problems of Huawei or ZTE, the other major supplier of telecom devices, that the spin-off capabilities that include the core of the networks. If the Americans are not, they are not the last ones that are spiritually devoted to this, Caring for it, it's because the danger is true.

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