Chinese scientists' applications that use Crispr for a & # 39; babies with genetic generation


At a conference, a & # 39; including Jennifer Doudna, one of the Crispr technology engineers, Dr. I gave a careful dialogue about something that the attendants considered largely within a range of research inquiries, one of the people who attended, said Dr. Fyodor Urnov, former director of Altius Institute for Biological Biology and visiting researcher at the Innovation Genomics Institute at the University of California, Berkeley.

"If you listen to his speech, this is very positive, attentive, step by step," said Dr Urnov. "He spent the preparation of the CCR5 embryo. He communicated with peers, expert generators who know that the field is rapidly improving, and especially in the atmosphere in the room, I do not want to say to ho-hum, but that's, built on ten years of progress. ""

But he did not say that some of these reasons were inserted in a woman and could be a baby with genetic tools.

"We now know that a woman in China was a couple who was a couple, as he was talking," said Dr Urnov. "He had an opportunity to say" Oh and on the way, I'm just going to come out and say, people, a woman is a couple. " ; "

"I never played a poker against Doctor E," Dr Urnov sent away.

Richard Hynes, a cancer researcher at the Massachusetts Technology Institute, led by a humanitarian counseling group for the National Academy of Sciences and the National Medicine Academy, said a group and similar group in Britain had been human beings are prepared, the procedure should only be done to address "major needs that have not been met in medical treatment, which must be well researched, must be followed to good, it must be full of permission. "

It is not clear why genetics change to make people against H.I.V. "A great need to have been achieved." Men with H.V. Do not insert embryos. Their bee is included in & # 39; virus that causes AIDS, which may be a vaccine for women, but the virus can be washed out of the sperm before it is done; try out. No doctor can stop one sperm in the egg. In each case, the disease will not have a female disease and only the children.

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