Chinese scientists say they have created their firstborn children genetic


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Chinese scientist, He Jiankui, and his team say they have created their firstborn children genetically modified. The babies, Lulu and Nana, have been "two weeks ago", in total health, saying the generator, He Jiankui, who used a gene generator called CRISPR to make gene and small contraction of the virus caused by AIDS.

It is not possible to be & # 39; Opposition of his polemic meaning, researcher of the SUSTech (University of Science and Technology of Southern China) in Shenzhen. The research was not published in any special scientific journal, which should be included in the survey of other experts. And Shenzhen's scientific authorities, according to Beijing News, say they have never received a request for permission to carry out the test, so they have opened an inquiry.

The SUSUSTech itself has said "very great" with this statement and is said to have been vaccinated since February. His research was not brought to the University or Department, Biology Department, who was "not familiar with this research project and its nature," said the academic center in a statement. The Department's Academic Committee "believes that Dr He Jiankui's behavior is to use CRISPR / Cas9 for the preparation of human embryos greatly on the breakdown of ethics and academic codes of conduct."

The University will establish an independent committee to investigate this event and allow the public to produce the results, said the statement.

In a video posted on YouTube, he says he says "two little Chinese couples, Lulu and Nana, have recently been born in excellent health, to his mother's grace, Grace and father, Marc. "The father, who says, is a virus of HIV (AIDS), which causes AIDS, and has never thought that he can to go to pressed.

According to the expert, who is in Hong Kong this week to take part in a conference on genetic behavioral modes, children tried to do so; feeding kidnapping. After fertilization, the scientist CRISPR scientist emerged, a type of major scissors, into the move to eliminate CCR5 gene. The aim of the gene is to diminish its & # 39; virus as a gateway to modify the human protection system.

"If this is true, this test is very wild, the mentally ill, without any known diseases, the genetic editing itself is exhaustive and is still associated with unwanted tenants who are capable generating genetic problems in early and earlier stages of life, including cancer development, "says Julian Savulescu, professor at Oxford University

During the mental development, first in the laboratory and then introduced into the mother's uterus, the experts watched several times, followed by the genetic code of the creatures, that everything was done; properly developed and the girls did not have more awareness than the same planned "No other genes have changed," he says. The replication check after birth, first published in a special interview with an AP group and an article in the MIT Technology Review.

According to the AP, Lulu and Nana's parents were not the only ones who got their exams. There are also six other couples, where the HIV-positive man has embraced the program, opening its chances that the two girls are not the same ones converted to the current.

Generator, is trained in the United States and has returned to China as part of a program to attract talents that are educated abroad, saying he is aware of the controversy that his campaign will inspire. However, he says, it does not seem to give up ethical problems. Everything, he says, "open access equals for healthy families."

The statement is said to be "extremely awesome" and it is said to have been vacated since February

And the objections have already started water. The test would not be done under the US law and was unlawful under European standards. But in China the rules are not so tight. This country is a The first ones that migrated from human embryos (not possible) and from monks by CRISPR. Ministerial guidance in 2003 has been prohibited on a & # 39; Introducing human movements with current current, but not just guidance, not law.

Professor Julian Savulescu, director of the Uehiro Center for Practical Studies at Oxford University, said to the Center for Science Media "if this is true, these tests are amazing." "The minds were healthy, with no known diseases. Genetic editing itself is experimental and is still in relation to unwanted tenants, who can cause genetic problems in early and earlier stages of life , which includes cancer development. "The scientist also remembers that there are already more effective ways of preventing AIDS, and, including protected species, and even if the syndrome is dangerous, there is now effective healing. "These tests include normal, healthy children to genetic genital risks as a result of any essential benefit."

According to Savulescu, the test "opposes decades of consensus and ethical guidance on the protection of people who participate in research evidence." Infants who come from their exams are used as genetic gig pigs. That is a Russian real mission. "

He, on the other hand, remembers the objections that suffered from the death of Louise Brown's birth, First child growing through in vitro (IVF) ventilation. His approach, which he argues, means "another IVF promotion" that can only be used to a small number of families affected by illness.

"It's not about creating alcohol drivers, just a healthy child," he says. He does not try to "develop more information, change eye color, appearance or anything similar to each other. Not about that." According to He, his way "may be the One way to heal medicine. "

"I understand that my work is controversial, but I think families need this technology, and I am willing to accept criticism," he said. , who says he is the father of two daughters. "I can not think of a healthier or more attractive gift for society than to allow a couple to start a family full of love."

On his laboratory website, he says that his team has been "working for a number of years" to prepare mock genks, mockets and unclear human lines. This page includes an English translation of the forms to obtain permission from the voluntary couples that are in the process of receiving access. participating in the exam, as well as the approval of the committee of the sexuality of the HarMoniCare Hospital for Women and Children in Shenzhen. "We have a keen interest in getting involved in patient and regulatory communities to consider how we explain, and hinder the ethical use of genetic surgery in the early stages of life."

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