Chinese traders are vivid with the movement of farm farmers


In China, farmers who live in the streets that live in streets and lament for farming have been an attraction for traders.

Normally, live admissions depend on "stormy" in China with what young people dance, knitting to foxes and everything fascinating. But now traders also use them to predict the forthcoming prices of grain.

For example, a farmer in the north-east region uses smartphones to burn and see his family planting oats on a truck. 3,200 km away, in Shenzhen, Honda Wei looked carefully at the video and listened to how happy the crop was to predict the situation of supply and demand. to come.

"It provides insightful information on the domestic market. Traders are looking for synergies between farmers' views and future price fluctuations," Wei said, 31, how he gained experience t . Use Kuaishou, video platform supported by Tencent.

A video on Kuaishou returned to his garden with a corn of corn. Photo: Bloomberg

A video on Kuaishou returned to his garden with a corn of corn. Photo: Bloomberg

Bloomberg saying that with over 700 million users, Kuaishou and Bytedance provides large information potential about the China agricultural market, where government data is not always reliable and effective. .

"The merchant community keeps an eye on farmers when they see broad views of social networks," Zhang Yan told JC Shanghai Information.

While international traders use Twitter to discover opportunities and activities on all things, from delicate fires to the stock market, China is not a choice. where the social network is based on SA is impeded.

In the thirst for data, many people in China turn to video applications when farmers start to record themselves to others. This move has contributed to changes in the domestic goods market. To date, market information collection on social media such as video applications and live streaming has been systematic.

“Many farmers sell the same kind of goods, coming from different areas, often friends. They share information about the products and many people are still trading, "Zhang Xiaoran – Director", director of social responsibility Kuaishou.

When China's cereal prices rose to a record high in more than three years in November 2018, industrial giants such as Archer-Daniels-Midland, Cargill and Cofco started putting a video to each other. T . The relationship between videos shows that farmers are collecting with price changes, enough for traders to submit video entries to follow.

Kuaishou is one of the first units to aspire to grow in low cities and rural areas. That helped make it a popular video broadcast app that farmers would use, when the use of smartphone increased.

"At first, there were live characters in the stream doing powerful videos to capture awareness in rural areas," said Kayia Pan-UOB, inspector Kay Hian Holdings (Shanghai), about the possibilities of this bid. . He said that it was difficult to submit a broad database to the views expressed by farmers in a video, but it was seen as an additional source of information.

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