Chipotle Manager at Grand Ave. A restaurant broke over a viral video event – Dancing


A manager at the Grand Avenue Chipotle restaurant in St Paul was burned after refusing Thursday night to provide a service to consumers who repeatedly told repeat offenders.

"We are committed to responding correctly to our customers and with respect," said Chipotle in a statement. "Regarding what happened at St. Paul's Restaurant, the manager thought that those gentlemen who were those gentlemen from God Morning were unable to pay their food. However, this is not how we deal with our customers and as a result, the manager has come to an end and the restaurant is re-trained to make sure something like this does not happen again. "

Masud Ali, one of the customers, posted the Twitter video event. From Saturday night, the two minute video to be seen 2.35 million times.

The video begins with a member of staff telling the five young men, "You got paid, because you never had money when you come in here."

The young men try to order at least, a & # 39; Talk about posting it on Twitter and complaining about "stereotypes."

Was he the only customers who had not paid Tuesday?

"We can not prove that with 100% of certainty," said Laurie Schalow, chief communication officer with Chipotle. "We asked Masud if he was in our restaurant on Tuesday and said he was not."

When they were asked to pay ahead, their company refused, they started shouting, swear and ask other customers if they had to pay before eating.

On Twitter, Ali said that the cure was a sense of clan. He and his black friends are.

"I do not enjoy how she is laughing as a funny thing," he wrote about one of the staff. "So, when a WHITE woman walks inside your policy of showing us an income before you can service? So @Chipotle will Sit here and tell me I can not eat because they think I'm looking like someone who has been stolen beforehand "

Staff requested to set down their group. They got taller and the police were cited.

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