Choa Chu Kang's new bus transport for opening in mid-December


SINGAPORE: Choa Chu Kang's new bus change will be moved to a new place at Cho Chu Chu Kang Loop and Cho Kang Kang Drama from December 16th.

The re-launch means that the Jurong Department MRT Line has been made easier, the Land Transit Authority (LTA) said in a press release on Monday (November 19).

All bus services 13 currently operating from Choa Chu Kang's existing bus translator are already running from the new Qua Chu Kang bus differential, with the bus difference th & # 39; is currently falling on the same day.

Choa Chu Kang bus variation map

Services 925 and 927 will be amended to incorporate the new bus translation and join Choa Chu Kang Loop and Cho Kang Kang Drama. With this change, both bus services will divide the Quang Kang 4 Road.

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The new bus variance will include sheltered, sheltered, flat areas, and connecting routes to & # 39; connect with Choa Chu Kang MRT and LRT stations.

Nearly 100 bicycle lobsters are given "to enable the ability to move mobility and connectivity first and last", said the LTA.

It will also show "combustion facilities such as priority walks, nursing room and free toiletries to better serve the needs of older people, less mobile phones and families with young children", say LTA.

Instead of a regular ticket office, a lobby and a waiting venue will be set up for a front-to-face partnership with TransitLink service advisers to be established as part of the One Stop Service Center, bus translation.

The difference also comes with enhanced facilities for bus captains and other staff, such as a restaurant, air-conditioned staff, special homes and staff lounge.

"High-speed high-speed fans" will also be placed at the location where they want to provide a comfortable environment for travelers, LTA said.

Bus information is available at bus stops, bus buses and buses, LTA said. Committees can also look out for more information on LTA platforms and social media.

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