Chobreloa fans slept next to the stadium for final tickets to the final for the Ascent


The two dozen miles of tickets available for the Cobresal against the game are the most urgent next week, and the demand for fans from China across the country is grow.

Although tomorrow is the first part of the Final of the Ascent between Cobresal and Cobreloa, Orange box will look more ahead of the athletic game, which will be held next Saturday at the Zorros del Desierto stadium in Calama.

The demand for tickets has exceeded all the schedule of the season and the club had to sell the sale. Of course, from 10:00 a.m. a new game was placed in the box office with what is being done; Expectations that fulfill the capacity allowed to 12,000 spectators.

Prior to the high expectations, Calameño fans took a night next to El Loa's stadium ticket office offices, and they would like to reach one of the tickets. The morning has been & # 39; Hold again that long lines will be found so that the ticket for the meeting is explained to the second advanced department for the First Division, along with the Coquimbo United company.


While the campus was copper, travel with the 11th declaration and land to Copiapó, where he has a share. On Saturday this Saturday, the team will go to El Salvador to face the albinaranjas from 17:30 hours.

The oils run Raúl Olivares; Michael Contreras, Miguel Sanhueza, Mario Parra and Mario Larenas; Guillermo Firpo and Arturo Sanhueza; Cristián Ivanobsky, Jorge Luna and Pablo Parra; and Lucas Simón.

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