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We live at times when we can choose healthy, organic and healthy lifestyles. Propolis is one of the most well-known natural materials that make bees for people from nature. On the other hand, it is called propolis called bumblebees as well.

By connecting propolis with vitim C, the body is much stronger than cold and other winter seasons, but the material has a wider impact than to; obstruct or cold treatment.

An active biological product in Propolis is a delicious and strong smell and a flavorful taste, even & # 39; and burning it. Depending on the planting it is harvested, the bees are varied from yellow to dark brown or even green.

This material has been recognized and has always been a favorite for its remedies, but its impact is reinforced by research in the last decades. On the way, scientists in their work say that the biological active substances in beet arrangements are closer to human body for synthetic drugs and thus more easily absorbed.

Scientists analyze propolis from ancient Egypt up to the present day and found out that the bees are playing; gathering from almost 70 species of plants. Often, there are birch, willow, sheepstones, alder, pine and poplar. There is a difference of propolis collected in different regions (European, Asia, South or North America, etc.) Changing, but its remedial work is similar to everywhere.

In Europe, the "poplar" propolis is usually made in most flavonoids, phenolic acids and the sensors, and in Brazil, for example, propolis species of common turmoil, which are largely p- coumar and diterpenic.

In addition to the zinc minerals, copper, manganese, nickel, potassium, calcium, seileium and vitamins A, C, E, B1, B2, B3 and B6, combinations, recipes, essential oil and propolis pollen. The most valuable section of red roots propolis is rich in phenol acids and flavonoids.

The family doctor Neringa Martinoniene and his readers share their knowledge of the professional property of science propolis.

Propolis kill bacteria.

The content is high of flavonoids in propolis that affect different fuels and its; stop the development, but it does not destroy the beneficial microflora of the body. Propolis can be used antibacterially alone or in harmony with other agents and even antibiotics. According to the doctor, propolis effect is even compared to calcium hydroxide (aol aol) as a very fluid fluid agent.

Propolis protects against viruses.

The doctor says that this is particularly relevant at present – during a flu vaccine, when a cold air is average and average cold; Creating real favorable conditions to survive and live. The flavonoids in propolis will trigger a & # 39; viral protein and remove it & # 39 ;. Research shows that propolis are working on A and B flour, herpes and rotavirus viruses.

Propolis results have a huge immunity expansion.

All scientific investigations have features of propolis cures that describe the effects that are infected. affecting this material. Increasing the bumblebees appears to increase the activity of sophisticated cells, their development and its; Encourage cell energy metabolism, and promote health improvement processes, and bringing more mining into the body's leukocyte activity and preventing infectious diseases. One study has confirmed that the use of propolis for a few weeks has significantly increased the levels of immunoglobulin G (an important antibody in its body).

Propolis is also an antioxidant.

Due to this propolis, the powerful "flavonoids" are "responsive", as well as free, free acids that free radical connectivity. These materials prevent the free causes of free radicals by copying; Reduce cell spraying, by reducing down to & # 39; getting older, as well as helping to & # 39; collagen collection and elastin. Two propolis personages have been detected even more effective with vitamin C to increase propolis activity (vitamin C).

Propolis is feeling pain.

In Propolis scientists, as described by Dr. Martin Martin, they have also discovered some essential oils that enhance the material with anesthetic features, and so doctors who Use tight pills with vitamin C when the throat is hurt, because these materials are nourished, cleaned, and digested; mouth and mucous frost. harassed her injuries. Some European scientists are proposing to " using bee products in dental or basic hygiene.

Propolis protects the fungus and its fungus; kill him.

Propolis is rich in colonial acids, acids and carboxylic acids, which have a strong influence on fungi resistance and are used to cure fungi and vaginal diseases.

The results of baby pipers develop mood, anti-depression protection.

You've read it correctly – this material has an unbiased impact worldwide. Recently, an analysis carried out in 2016 showed that fluoxetine, the most famous in the world's Prosacard, has achieved a regular depression of special protocols. Other surveys looked at the response of the brain, the hippocampus, to the propolis. The hippocampus in the brain depends on learning, memory, emotional guidance and stress response. The study showed that propolis are developing hippocampal glucocorticoid receptors, i. y. Actions that are not sufficiently active in the brain of people with depression.

Propolis helps with oncological diseases.

Propolis has anti-cancer buildings too. There is a scientific evidence that propolis may enter into cancer cells and their cells; try them out … When these propola buildings were inspected, it was also noted that this material did not show a higher degree of gravity, which could be a safe place.

Propolis helps to & # 39; get back faster.

If you are still ill, you should know that propolis does not indicate the symptoms of illness and help you. get back faster. As described above, it is actively involved in one of the most important globulin immunoglobulin movements G of the immune system, and these sizes are increased with longer use of propolis.

N. Martinoniene's doctor recalls that propolis are suitable for the prevention of seasonal illnesses, relief from the signs or reform of the body's forces. However, according to her, if there is a serious illness, high temperature, weakness or no unusual symptoms, you need to talk to a doctor and do not self-control. A doctor should only decide how to deal with disorder or special illness.

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