Chorrillos: The police will attack theft, and # 39; recover box and reduce offenders [VIDEO] | Lima


An agent of the National Police of Peru attacked the Huaylas attack, near a town Chorrillos. The intervention was not given out without the frightening of the neighbors.

The witnesses told Channel N that there had been a subject to a banking agency in the area to withdraw a huge amount of money.

When it lasted, the offenders translated it. A local agent noticed what happened and put a difference in the robber, resulting in the exchange of bullets.

Its first information is & # 39; shows that it was possible to reduce the two offenders, the firearms, the motorcycle and the black hole, and the amount is still unidentified.

Huaylas Rivers, Chorrillos, Balacera

The police will stop theft, a & # 39; recover and reduce offenders.

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