Chosen: the theory of Croatia says that we won because … t


Robert Prosinecki, the Croatia legend on the VB Bronze medal, talked to a large extent where his team lost at the moment (he is the federal captain of the Bosnia national team, who put two prizes in Greece to visit 2-to-2 in Greece) t , but Sportske Novosti also affected the Croatians in Budapest. he asked.

Here at Robert Prosinecki, the Bosnia team is pushing for better performance (Photo: AFP) t

“I looked at the game, but didn't have time to check, because I had a lot of work with my team – answer Robert Prosinecki. – Why have we lost? Well, this usually happens unless you are running out of the game at the highest level, but it is clear that all your enemies are now playing with a double attempt. Silver World Championship World Championship. There is no fairy tale, always one hundred percent. More against Hungarian… ”

A question was also asked about the victorious earner at the 1998 World Championship when the Hungarians won the Sunday match.

'They showed nothing in particular, but did not succeed, but they got the target with winners, their instructors, pushing, and their desire to win all the battles. Croatia didn't play the best football, and if you didn't give as much as you could, you might go into trouble with anyone. ”

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