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Naturally, such narratives that challenge the meaning of Christianity have received strong criticism.

A theory that has been provoking the rethinking of ideologies in Amazon's documentary and, accordingly, has been Greek Greek from Asia Minor; in Christ!

According to Britain DailyMail, the documentary is the title of Bible Conspiracies, that is, a Biblical contention, a & # 39; show that the miracles made by Jesus's miracles are made by Greek philosophy, Apollonios the Tyaneus.

According to the comic documentary, Apollonius and Christ have a fascinating look at the point where there are two images as the DailyMail recites. The documentary does not question the historical nature of a man of Jesus, but he says that the Apolloios is the person who was given in the New Testament as "the Son of God" and not Jesus.

Jesus Christ

The two were the preachers, they made miracles in the first century after Christ and the image was made in the shape of a beard. The documentary attempts to explain that Apollonius, born in 3 or 4 AD. he became a very prominent personality at the time, because his miracles he made were like Christians.

"Bitterly Pythagorean, he did not eat meat and gave wine and women. She did not use shoes and she had long hair and a beard," she said in the documentary.

Apollonios Tyaneus

When the miracles were collected, Apollonius gradually gained his reputation and followers, describing his documentary and revealed that he gave life back to the dead and his; talk about things that were beyond the human reach.

"And, compared to Jesus, there is evidence of Apollonius," the reporter says. mentions.

Naturally, such narratives that challenge the meaning of Christianity have received strong criticism. "Co-communication has not been shown, and everything that has been fulfilled will challenge the New Testament itself with apparently unread interviews and statements," one of the best- challenges that the theory says.

"The writers of this film, not only have a real knowledge of their Bible, but express many of the unwanted legends but to & Laughing on the divinity rings. In this video, there are no revenge, just a lot of retorical lies that are often produced by promoters and abusives, " commented.

Who was Apollonios Tyaneus?

Apollonius was born in a wealthy and wealthy Greek family in the first year of the 1st century AD. Although the dates of birth and death are undoubtedly, most pupils agree that it was contemporary about Jesus Christ. Most of the life-related data are in place; comes from the biography that Philostratos wrote and it is not thought to be quite true.

He lived in the early years of his life in Tyana. At the age of 14 he went to Tarsus, Kilicia, and after two years at Aigai Cilicia.

At about 20 years he began to rain the five years of the Pythagoreans and at the age of 25 or 26 he came to Antioch. He was a warm supporter of Pythagorean's philosophy, not only did he do with Eugene from Heraclea, but he never let his principles continue throughout his long life. It is considered to be a genuine image, as delivered by its creator, Philostratus, that he made miracles and prophecies.

Around age 62 or 63 he decided to go to Rome although Neron did not appeal to philosophy. He died in Pottsoli in 98. As a orator and philosophy who lived about the time of Jesus Christ, he was compared to Jesus with Christians in his life; 4th century and with other writers in the present day.

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