Christiane Endler is one of the top 60 football players in the world Sport


Chilean Golera Christiane Endler Continue to make this year's achievements. If a few days ago he was elected the sixth best soldier in the world, in this opportunity to be among the top 60 players in the world.

The Guardian's English site, he placed the national visitor in 53 places in the world, is designated as "of the best visitors this year in the world"

The same media talks about the football player "for 11 hours clean for his club (PSG) this year and was asked to play in big games against their campaigns, but you might have a better memory. because his position is to help Chile be suited for his first World Cup"

"She kept the four-hour tour in America and America Cup it was really good in a recent relationship when Chile Chile 3-2 hit, "he put the site.

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