Christiane Taubira, named as a "ten-year politician" by GQ


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by & # 39; Helena Ergisi

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For the magazine GQ, a politician is the tenth of a woman and is the Minister of Justice Christiane Taubira; before.

As every year, GQ Last night celebrates the men who celebrated the year and the decade. Although only men receive an award, the people's magazine did not go out this time. "Who would have enough ghost and style to take a ten-year politician? A woman, Christiane Taubira, is obviously the only political person, all kinds, and clicking on all the boxes", confirmed by the chief editor of Beline Dolat. For the first time, that's how a woman who is winning the politics price of the tenth and is the Minister for Justice; before. A woman can not be more surprising that the magazine has not dried a suggestion. The former Keeper of the Seals has been renowned for the law named and opened in spring 2013 to marry the same species. "Christiane Taubira has made a huge deal of effort to change its French society. Marriage to all remains a key beneficial development at the beginning of this century", still discussing the magazine.

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It removes #MeToo shift

Thanks to the marriage reform for all, Christiane Taubira holds a very expensive place in central France. The magazine asked GQthe Minister issued Justice the opportunity to & # 39; Given the #MeToo type and it's difficult that "the official political speech" is not going to move societies and citizens. "Do not include #MeToo alone, you need to be in a story about an application, a requirement, a general translation. I think it's a turning version; which is linked to two things: the first is the words of those women who are rising by that force, those women who behave freely, despite the solution, "I say", "I call that", "I'm giving", "I'm a & Declined "; These technological modes that allow unexplained expansion of speech …"said the Frenchwoman.

According to Christiane Taubira, the government is fair and does not have enough move. "More interesting than in my opinion on the government, it is certain that the political powers, in France but also elsewhere, are all questioned. It's probably a bit like us, because we think our story is a bit more beautiful than others, representing, which is true, bigger than others in the world. general imagination: the home of France on human rights, the arts of the arts and letters etc. But, of course, we are not going to work."she finishes.

by Helena Ergisi

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