Christmas comet and meteor shower and light up the air


Christmas has come early for marine experts, and there is no room space but two or two stars.

The Christmas Comet appeared near Taurus's dispute at about 12m in the night and it was visible with its spectacular eyes by 2m.

Gemini meteor flas appeared Thursday and Friday, with the photographer Steven Sandner to capture a beautiful picture of hunting stars over the Grampians in Victoria.

Viewers hope that more people will look at the "green greens" and the comet run through the weekend.

Social media users shared images of their sights, although tight skin made it harder for viewers to see; tax in Australia.

CAIBH: Look at this post on the Gemin Rain 201M Meteor Rain Rain Instagram 2018 – look great! #grampians #aidhlig #geminid #star #zeiss #sony #spectacular #sky #tree Post shared by passengers ? (@ steven.sandner) on December 13, 2018 at 10:32 pm PST

ANU soldier, Professor Brad Tucker said the Christmas Comet would be near the reulite, called Orion, or the Saucepan, in the east.

"The green color comes from the gas that comes out of the cell," # 39; tell Dr Tucker to AAP.

"It's a lot of ice and metal – it's like a dirty snowball and so when it goes around its sun it's melting … and it's a gray, gloomy gray."

The hunting stars were growing over the spear while & # 39; while the Earth was passing the asteroid 3200 Phaethon's tail. They look amazingly from the ground but the stars are not astonished; dropping small cliffs from the asteroid before burning in the Earth's atmosphere.

"They are about sand size, or even a small stone and they travel ten miles a kilometer per hour," said Dr Tucker.

centro_cameraThis photo taken from the Paris department with a telescope on 3 December 2018 shows a comet 46P / Wirtanen as it will come closer to Earth on 16 December 2018.
centro_cameraAlthough telescope or binoculars give a better look at the Christmas comet, the meteor shower will be visible to the flexible eye from anywhere in Australia.

Observers in Australia needed to have biscuits or telescope for the capture of the Christmas Comet, but the meteor shower should be seen from even large cities, which can constantly prevent clouds .

It is a rare chance to grab a & # 39; which appears only once every five years.

"It's very affordable, you do not need anything special, you need the night sky," said Dr Tucker.

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