Christmas: Customs and Postal Services to ensure that any 5-day folder is reviewed at a & # 39; highest National


Correos customs of Chile, to make a more effective search of a growing market e-commerce and international boats that arrive to the country every day, and # 39; Implementing a Selection Plan for the last few weeks to address liberation season.

The foregoing, in the context of the explosive increase in these types of vessels, which reach 2012 will reach 500,000, increasing the number 2017 to date 17 million pockets and jacks.

This material is processed in the Santiago Airport Post Network and in the Quilicura Post Technology Center (CTP).

Highest timetables

Finance Superintendent Francisco Moreno "is of paramount importance because we had a courtship plan already in August where we received 35,000 packages that were still waiting for their ability, review and delivery later ".

He said "working with Customs officers and Correos in Chile, that is what I want to achieve, we have continued to complete the delivery of the laggard package and Today the term for the review of puppets or products, which is taken from abroad, is five days, after that comes delivered in response ".

The first result of this work between Cuscuits and a state company was seen in the middle of the year, when concrete measures between August and September were announced through a Co-ordinated Plan which allowed to delay it for the corporate review of goods. Today, such was published at that time, the measurement will be held in 5 days at the latest time the product is selected in the screen.

By continuing us with its & # 39; This process of improvement, for the highest of the year that was hosted in the shopping season of the Christmas Record, in collaboration with Correos, strengthened the prize from 19 November with a turnover of auditors at night and on Sundays, as well as consolidation in measurement and evaluation with daily scrutiny to avoid any delay in the level of process that is the responsibility of the service.

As usual, in these processes the duty is shared with the users, and they must know that these materials are purchased through e-commerce shares, irrespective of what The sums, which are in the goods operation.

In this way, all customers who export goods to the country through Correos from Chile or Courier companies, must comply with current regulations, and # 39; Prepare the best scenes of the relevant organizations and pay taxes, and pay duties, where appropriate.

In addition, the survey reflects 100% scanning of the packages that are displayed; entering the country through Correos and who is licensed, based on risk accounts, selects products for abilities and thus unlawful objects.

To be informed

Users should be advised that Correos of Chile may inform you after reviewing the Subject matter, if applicable, if your service meets an additional requirement and / or payment Duties and taxes.

Metropolitan Customs regional director, Wildo Arévalo, said "important advice for citizens to consider in particular when they buy internationally. If they are medicines they must have VB of the ISP or If they are a food they must be from the Health Ceremi. In addition, they should be careful to buy things that break intellectual property, copyright. "

"It should also be noted that the senior left us a long-term work, in which we were well behind and today we have completed it inside Five days and more staff are resolved, in 50%, there is an ongoing eight-year recruitment and that is said that the inspection is very effective. Out of 100% of what's going on? going out for revision, 80% are payable, "Arévalo explained.

The products that require great sights of other organisms to enter the country, include food, food, medicine or cosmetic materials (Public Health Institutions, ISP), of vegetable or fertilizer (Agricultural and Livestock Service, SAG), fishery products (Fisher Sub-Director), radio communications equipment (Telecommunications Director), weapons, weapons, chemical or mobile content (General Direction of National Decline, DGMN ).

For a correct decision about & # 39; payment of taxes and duties, the merchant must keep the bill or invoice and pay proof that may be necessary through the Correos of Chile, a group that gets such a "#; documents and is given to Cushan.

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