Christmas markets on mainland are open on Friday


The trees will light up Thursday November 29.

20 November 2018 at 17:35 SITA

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Bratislava. The opening of this year's Christmas markets and Christmas tree lighting will be on the main square in Bratislava on Friday, November 23, start at 17:00. website of the capital of the Bratislava Slobha Republic replies this.

The opening of the markets will begin a series of events called December Bratislava 2018, this year will continue until December 22.

Bratislavčani and visitors to the town of Hlavň, Františkánsko, Primaciálne and Hviezdoslavovo will be more than enjoyable with the Christmas season.

Part of Christmas Bratislava is also a program in the urban areas of Bratislava, the P. P. O. Hviezdoslava Municipal and the Bratislava Castle. Old Town Christmas Markets opened Friday 16th November at Hviezdoslav Square.

Christmas concerts, folklore traditions and singers from across Slobhacia will be on the main square on Saturday 24th November.

On Saturday at 5:00 pm, visitors can enjoy the Kunstárovci showcase event. Folklore has a place on Friday, November 30, Music is Main by Folk Music Paprčkovci.

Nicholas will be on the main square on Thursday 6 December at 3pm. In the Municipal Theater of P. O. Hviezdoslava, Mikuláš will be on Saturday 8 December at 3pm.

Even this year, there is a Christmas forest, St. Nicholas & # 39; Iain de Nepomuk in the Primacial Palace is again full of decorated Christmas trees.

The decorations will be created and the trees are decorated with Bratislava, Primary and Art schools.

The trees will let up on November 29th, and they will be able to see them in the courtyard before 15 December.

On the Great Square, the Christmas tree has been disturbed since the beginning of November. The spruce's urban woodland workers chose to symbolize the 25th anniversary of Christmas markets this year.

The town was taken to the family of Milan Goke from Bratislava-Rača. Puppies have a height of fourteen meters and is 30 years old.

It's an annual tradition in Bratislava that's a loveless tree before its start; Capital using Christmas seasons on the two squares, which will be the center of Christmas markets this year.

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