Christmas Morning: the Florida mansion will be back in the days ahead National


Christmas myth that had begun eight years ago Florida this 2018 was completed with fear of neighbors Juana Palominos.

Every December, Her company rejoiced her house with thousands of lights, trees and even sleigh, which encouraged hundreds of people to come to see the Christmas show. However, that was disturbing her neighbors, and so she decided to be tired of the complaints.

However, Mayor Rodolfo Carter's intervention allows this culture to die, as it does town guards to oversee the security of the place.

"The news was struck me because this house was always seen when it came to an evening at night. He had a very handsome presentation," he told LUN.

The general chief said that pets were replaced and citizen's security workers will pay attention to the department. Also, Coordination with Carabineros to guide the trips.

"We can not finish one of the few traditions that are still in the Christmas season. We also have to protect a generous friend who puts his pocket in hand and brings to the community an activity today designated in La Florida , "he said.

Juana Palominos said she was amazing about what happened, and he said the decoration would be ready on Monday.

"The enthusiasm with a seaman is that it will be ready on Monday, so I started taking the lights out of the house and ordered the car, the manager and the trees , "he said.

He said he would inspire his whole family to decorate the house as soon as possible and that Carter had promised him a spell. to do in two days the previous month.

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