Christmas turkey rocaways to space station


The Christmas Turkey is cracking to the international spa station, along with cranberry sauce, candy yams and the disliked illness.

However, the SpaceX rocket increased the terrain terrain, however, and fell into the sea, just off the shore.

SpaceX Space Control Grosss in Hawthorne, California, finished on Wednesday when a lively video show was expanded by control, still over Cape Canaveral in Florida.

This is a & # 39; The first shoreline that has been lost on land, although it has been overwhelmed by wet bargains several times in the past, has been harder to remove.

SpaceX reporter said he was a "bummer" but noted that he was a secondary school; In the main goal of Falco 9 rocket to get the Dragon cap to go to # 39; believe.

SpaceX commander, Elon Musk, said the increase was being damaged.

The waterproof pump appears to be out of the building's windows, it was noticed through Twitter.

LandX 's 12 who had previously been onshore successful, & # 39; dating back to 2015, successful.

The disappointment was resolved by successful travel with a Dragon capsule and the 2.5 tonnes of cargo that should be reached on the station on Saturday.

In addition to burning firestones and other arrangements for a Christmas dinner, the rushes contain 40 mice and 36,000 worms for the use of a cupboard. grow older and muscle research.

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