Chrome 71 for Android provides a number of security improvements and food alerts


In line with the tenth anniversary of Google's web browser, its & # 39; Chrome's redesigned company completely offers a cleaner look of 69. It was a small little version; in Chrome 70, without major changes to users, and now it's a Chrome 71 version.

Google has started Apply Chrome 71 on Android devices and desktop desks, with some important changes to the interface, security improvements and some changes that aim to reduce decoration of maize recordings and food taxes.

Small but important changes

Chrome 71

Initially, according to Android Police reports, Chrome's basic bar, known as Chrome Duplex, is now known as Chrome & # 39; Duet Chrome & # 39; and move the Chrome menu to a lower bar Put some of the buttons to make access easier, such as new share button. Duet has been accessing the users of the Beta, Dev and Canary versions, but it is still not known if the last action is in a stable version of Chrome 71.

Something is very important to the user, in Chrome 71, the browser will see food alert When a page does not correctly define how the information submitted will be used as part of the subscription. According to 9to5Google, it will also find pages that do not make it clear that there is a business; happening. This is something that will be considered, especially with those people who are paid in one click.

Chrome 71 Warning

On the other hand, Chrome 71 will extend the automation repository policies that were launched earlier this year and take important steps Against sites that showcase advertising & # 39; symbolizes system warnings no buttons ineffective "closing". According to Google, this move will impede a "small number of sites with ongoing in-depth knowledge" that are often used to provide confidential data for users.

Another new feature identified in the latest update for Chrome for Android is that developers will be able to customize or explains how web applications appear in full screen view. For example, in Chrome 71, you will have the opportunity to hide your control and hunt the barcode to fully realize.

If you want to prove these items and other news, you can download the APK (version 71.0.3578.83) from APK Mirror.

Google Chrome: quick and safe

Google Chrome: quick and safeIt changes according to the device.

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