Chronicle of damage: seven hours in Monumental, two re-instances and final to play


At two o'clock in the evening, the people who used the great wings of the River, Boca and Conmebol were when the teams left their court already inside the field. They put them on the athletics. They were waiting for translation and a & # 39; waiting for expectations. In the centers, there were no seats. Lockside followers on passageways and roadways. Three hours before the game started.

There was a variety of emotions: confusion, hope, anxiety, weirdness. The River – Boca was in the final of the Copa Libertadores final a few hours away. Mail & # 39; The first song that woke up the playground at 2:26. They sang "to be a champion today you must win". At 14:52 they opened the playground shaking. The fans inside the blade were not sure about something: they were at five evenings to play their game. It has hydrated its garden. They are the last of the usual winds.

Because of that There is no greater speed between a fan inside the playground and the outside world. Those inside were not helpless, without verbal communication they could not see. No longer corner is a crowded stadium. It is a port on the past, with the old habits: the connection is unfamiliar, there is still a still-marked cell signal. People need to visit prehistoric communication: talk to each other. The phones were only used for the use of play, pictures or films, feed-life documents to be published. In this context of unconnected and informative weather, text messages received historical importance back: b & # 39; These are the only means of communication. But they were not even that effective.

At three o'clock, the first signs came from outside. There were floods of people into the legs: hundreds of followers who run and did; scattered among the people. They looked adrenaline and happy. They had decided something that they had dreamed a few days ago: to go unpaidly; See the most important game in South American football history. To a small extent, they were caring for the severity of some of the followers or the untreated pepper stem that the police threw to do; including the bad gun and who now attacked the respiratory tract of the irresponsible.

Binary signs in them there were things out there. Inside the wing there were boys' blows in the scene, some out of their prototype that was tied in large print. The voice of the surgery appeared for the first time at 15:15, minutes after the Uruguayan referee, Andrés Cunha, went over the range and went to the field. come to the VAR screen. "This person will be punished with this VAR and I will kill him", he did not know that the micro Boca had already entered the Monumental with several broken glasses.

The news began about an attack built on the visiting team's tourists around. Currently the figure "old people with radio", who has been convicted of this to clarify the doubt about the thousands of fans who did not stop asking him "what do you know about something else?" They were easy to identify: they were marked with ear ear and self. They came to become information belts. "They seem to have dropped out of the area, some Boca players threw some stone fans, the police threw a pepper to spread and the gas went into the micro": enough information for the theories, Encourage connectivity, worries and fans, inside and without knowledge, animated.

At 16:20, the old people with radio, those who saved gesture swords, were to spread their bones to make the televisions based on the medium-sized fingers clear. The court knew him and replied without thoughts: "You're crazy, Boca, you're crazy". No hopeful vision or bankruptcy was now seen in the environment. The fans received feelings of serious sadness, abandonment, without use. "If it was played at five o'clock, Armani should leave to warm", he warned the largest.

There was an amazing season when information from inquisitive sources came from the boxes. "At six, playing at six," they started announcing. The data is distributed in every format. From the middle and lower stalks, where there are more older people with radios usually and where there are graph of the television screens, they warned the people in the upper centers: they modified moderately on "at six o'clock" and six branches stretched their hands to reinforce the message. At five o'clock, official communication: the stadium's voice said the game was deferred to 18 hours. The fans were marked. They returned to knowledge of hope, hope and the conspiracies they brought from their homes. The quieter questions returned: "Is Nacho Fernández playing at the end?" He did not know anything.

The seated ones would stop and stop them; stretching. Those who were still unemployed still stood: not b & # 39; They can not waste – in a garden with people's diversification – the luxurious place they had accomplished that are grateful for their diligence. Those who were the extraordinary characters of overseas football: were baptized by court bearers. At the same time, the children of the wings responded to their age: people started to play football with a bottle of water. In the ring, in the game stadium boxes where the important things were settled, the musicians who were in the middle of the game. going to sing the stanzas of the song scattered on the beach, and left her children who would have been there; leaving the hand with the players to lock in a base player. The police, fans, journalists, directors, spectators, random people and people who could not be there.

In a memorial, one unexplained fact was heard: the game did not play at midnight. "Matias Martin also says no," he warned each other while he was in a while; transfer of transplant toys. The "old people with radio" held the situation: for those, owners of the truth, it would also be deferred. Twenty-four meters away, read by the folks fans Gastón Recondo and Leo Farinella. "Is it played?" Ask one other journalist. His answer is just a short motion and a small flat lump of the head.

The stadium sounded at 5:45. He named another re-registration: now the Boca River would be played at 7:15 pm, half an hour later. There was no more joy, expressed by fear and confidence. "We've done the first half, we have almost not set out on their destination", which got the best spirit. Credit times did not even drop when Boca put his bowls on the turf, or when fifteen minutes before the start of the game began the fans; removes the hooks and their cans jump. The Monumental was decorated to maintain a permanent final. Seven hours after opening the blade gates.

At 7:15 p.m. there was nothing but sense and distress. At 19:20, when you needed to play a shameful extension, a second or five minutes to & # 39; The first one, the details of the information physicians hanged. He confirmed the TV, Matías Martin and the old ones with radio. When a memorial knew it, they would go to it; singing against her fuel. Some say the voice of the blade was to send a third-party warning at 7:30 p.m.. But the guests were already leaving and the high-ranking party pavilion never appeared.

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