Chung Hoon Sung and her first female woman … Born


Purpose of Chief Constable

For the first time in history, General Jung Hoon was born. This is a & # 39; the first time since the Department of Chung Hoon Sung was established over activities such as education, public relations and military public affairs in 1949.

The government announced on 22 March that he will be the head of the public office department of the military headquarters, Mi-e Park, the army headquarters army chief, Chung Hoon, as commander of the army. Looking there since 1986, when a female military officer was set up to Chung Hoon Sung, the female soldier became Chung Hoon General in 32 years.

The government promoted 79 Colonels, including a Park Colonel, to main occupation. The Head of Staff Heads was appointed to headquarters of Heads of Staff Head of Staff Heads of Staff Chief Executive of Staff Chief Executives. Chief of the Army Staff Chief, Choi Byeong-hyuk (41), chief of the Navy staff, Kwon Hyeong (40, to be put forward) And Kim Jung Soo (43, to be encouraged • 53) individually.

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