Cinépolis "Roma" show if Netflix welcomes its " first sight


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The same way in which Cinépolis ROMA chain programs, with Alfonso Cuarón, have Netflix been released on the digital platform, announced for 14 December.

By telling, the showman appears in more than 70 towns, details from the beginning of his & her; May on Netflix to show the movie that won at the Venice event, but the business models did not come together.

Traditionally, the windows are between the way out of a film failure and a girl's show, 90 days, something that is not an American indigenous company; look.

"It is far from common and business practices", and # 39; emphasizes Cinépolis text.

It states that, if there is agreement between the two parties, it offers that 50% of the collection be given to social groups linked to the purpose of homework.

"We invited Netflix to be suspended from his first ROMA showcase to pay attention to the traditional display window in film theater and Cidhépolis will be happy to announce it on 29 November in the cinemas all over the country. "

Last weekend, Matt Brondlie, director of the maintenance of Netflix, appeared in a text available for the Cinépolis and Cinemex story in 1971 which is the main character of a family cradle in Mexico City.

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