Cinthia Fernandez invaded Nicole Neumann and La Sìne Suárez – 01/02/2019


Flaming assistant of "Los Angeles in the morning"(Thirteen), Cinthia Fernández It was released by everyone against him Nicole Neumann and China Suárez. With both, Cinthia He had difficulties for the same subject and decided to say, without a skeleton, what he is thinking about.

The most recent conflict Cinthia Fernández he was with him Nicole NeumannWho he refused the welcome in a restaurant when she discovered that she was wearing clothes equivalent to the one who was her. It happened that the two famous two-party parties in Punta del Este were the only thing in a silver tone. Then they went into the restaurant and Nicole, sorry, turned against the face Cinthia.

In "Los Angeles in the morning", Cinthia gave a brief description of the events Nicole Neumann and then, he remembered another trip, that something happened very similar to him China Suárez. Brutal sincerity, Cinthia He had hard words for both.

In describing its & # 39; program with Nicole Neumann in Punta del Este, Cinthia Fernández He said: "The party was on People on 28th and the costume code was fair. It's hard, because you have no metal dress, you are not carrying your luggage. I went to a house Famous there, after the incident we ate, and met him with his meter, we were facing a face. It was impossible to greet you … "

Sunday Nicole Neumann.

Sunday Nicole Neumann.

It was impossible, but Nicole he did, according to the story Cinthia Fernández: "He looked at me and faced me," he said. I said yes, yes! & # 39; I was in the restaurant and there was money, it seemed like a boyfriend. She also had money and was unavoidable not to see us. "

With regard to the coat that gave her dress, Cinthia He said: "I was asked to break the person who was depicted from the post. They told me that we have problems. Then I fell to use it (Nicole). .. Right, I kept face. "

Connie Ansaldi, who was a guest at "Los Angeles in the morning"He said that he was the branch that gave them the uniform, not to keep the clothes they give to each person.

He was enough to say so Cinthia a jump: "For me It's a psychological problem! It is a security problem. For me, it must be handled"

Then, when she was sent to her she was costing clothes similar to that one China Suárez, The Cinthia He replied: "Yes, the second time that happens to me. They are the girls really careless, all right."

Sunday China Suárez.

Sunday China Suárez.

"China (Suarez) made a big message to the brand and blocked them – kept it Cinthia Fernández-. It's a dress to fix me! It is from a Spanish brand that she also copies, because of the number to copy"As if everything had been small, inspiring, Cinthia He also said: "Also, tell people with eye problems you look like Pampita." The worst they could say This middle is small and we all carry a motto. "

Sunday Cinthia Fernández, fullness.

Sunday Cinthia Fernández, fullness.

Sharp, the driver Angel De Brito he asked Cinthia Fernández: "With all the love of the world, do not you give them fat (sic)? Nicole and a China, who does not want you to do the same clothes? "

Reply from Cinthia True irony; : "I'm sorry, Gordi. Nah," he said, and finished: "If you're so high, buy it and do not use anyone." Lapidary!

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