Citigroup offers a bid to buy the London military destination for £ 1.2bn


Citigroup is in lectures to buy his London military office for around £ 1.2bn, as the US bank is committed to being in the UK in the future; despite the political and economic magic surrounding Brexit.

Citi hopes to agree an agreement for 25 Canadian Square Canaries in Canary Wharf from a private private group with support from AGC Equity Partners in the coming weeks, according to a person who is well-known for sale.

The US bank has been working with the 200m high office, 42 days from 2001 and states that the building will remain the main European, Mid-East and African headquarters after Brexit. The offer is part of Citi's global strategy for rent, the main office buildings in the belief that this will be the case; Long-term cost cuts.

Citi's debates in London continue to go to # 39; gets New York's world headquarters in Tribeca for $ 2bn in 2016. At the time the bank said the move was a lot of money and was part of Michael Corbat's senior officer to make the lender less and simplified.

Citi refused to say. Equity Partners AGC refused to give comments.

The Canadian Square sale influenced London's financial divisions and a real estate market, show the appeal that she had at her; home to an international business, despite the dangers of doing so; leaving the UK from the EU.

Citi continues a different strategy for the rival Goldman Sachs, Wall Street, who decides to sell £ 1.2bn and a 25-year final of London's new headquarters with the National Korea Pension Service in August .

UBS decided to rent the new London President rather than being alone. In June, the company's "steelscraper" with 13 steel coverings at 5 Broadgate was sold to a company owned by Li Ka-shing Hong Kong tycoon.

UBS decided to set up a new London new 5-storey, which was sold to a company owned by Hongco tycoon Li Ka-shing © Bloomberg

As well as paying £ 1.2bn Goldman money, Citi's planned acquisition is one of the highest prices ever paid for an office in London, after having a tower "Walkie Talkie "sold for £ 1.3bn for Lee Kum Kee Hong Kong.

When Citi rented on the building next to the 33st Century of the 33st Century of Canada Square, the bank expects to leave the link connection and its. affirms 6,000 workers in London in the tower, is involved in negotiations to buy, the person who is familiar with the Post Office 25 square feet of office at the Canadian Square and the UK's highest fourth largest building.

As part of Brexit's design, Citi said he would create between 150 and 250 new jobs in Europe, only 60 of them will be transferred from staff from London. The UK still lives at the largest international center, with around 9,000 workers. He also established an innovative financial technology center in London last year and employs at least 60 software and programs.

On an individual basis, Citi is seeking a larger office in Paris after deciding to increase the number of trading positions that he intends to move to his / her; town. The decision was encouraged by staff and campaigns to move to the French capital rather than Frankfurt, which is designated as a major trading center; company after Brexit EU.

The CBRE Broker advises an AGC private equality agency to He sold 25 Canadian Square after re-financing the building's debts over the summer to set it down.

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