Citizen of Dakahlia's ruler: Aizin to provide the graves … And «Sharobim»: «Do the dead go? complain?


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Dr. opened Kamal Jad Sharoubim, Governor Dakahlia, and Eng. Khalid Nasr, chairman of the drinking water company in Dakahlia, the new sewage center in Al-Shaala town in the middle of Sinbillawain, and got the ruler and his companions along with singing and mentioning «Long Egypt.

The town responded badly to the canals and banks because there was no drainage station in the town.

At the opening of the opening, the stopping of the residents of the town, seeking the way into the town and the main roads, which the government promised to do. A conservative citizen looked up saying: "The minister is to burial the tombs as they are dark at night." , Build the pity and anger of locals and their guides who liked them to settle them.

A rail line was established at a cost of 25 million pounds. It operates 20 square meters per day and serves 15,000 people. It's a & n; including a 2-pump construction station, a 9.5km long pipeline line, and a 4.7km long tunnel.

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