"Citizens Chungcheon, Kim Jin-ae Creating Explained Movement Commanders" – Hankyoreh


  1. "I can not live because I'm surprised" Chuncheon Citizens, Kim Jin-tea Creating a Hankyoreh Example Initiative
  2. Chuncheon Citizens "Kim Jin-tae 5 · 18 Petition of excuse · Decline" The Media Today
  3. 5th and 18th controversy & # 39; Jin Jin Hankook Ilbo Enterprise
  4. "I can not live because I'm upset" Chuncheon Citizen, Kim Jin-ta Heads of Hankyoreh Motion Motion Headquarters
  5. "Chuncheon was surprised, Kim Jin-tea" … Chuncheon Citizens Who Formed Moving Headquarters Kim Jin-tea – Joongang Ilbo Joongang Ilbo
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