Citizen's NewB has officially issued a request to open an emergency bank


Citizens' co-operation launched on Tuesday the application for a banking qualification with the Belgian National Bank. His team is confident about the outcome of the case.

there is no other bank. " Born in 2011, which was launched to the public in 2013 – remember that more than 40,000 people have entered the company in even three months! – NewB, eight years later, still has it "Modified Disk". On the other hand: formerly Tom Olinger, Crelan, who has been on the # 39; run his project for two years, and his president Bernard Bayot bid for Tuesday morning approval to become a credit center with the Belgian National Bank. A file of over 1,000 pages that drag through control, IT infrastructure, risk management, fairness, the future bank "Local, simple, transparent, sustainable for serving citizens and their social community"

In which the two men of believer are larger than ever.

Agreement from the Central European Bank was required

If the team is unsure, it's because it's for a year and a half, it's active; trade with the Belgian banking governor. An application for approval has been long-term and three times. An informal, secretary level between the Belgian National Bank and its candidate at the time of his / her; project through a series of trips and his love. Follow a level of twelve formal months, after which the regulator gives a positive or negative opinion (it has just started for NewB). Finally, if there is a positive response, the final agreement of the European Central Bank is required (the national authority's opinion is broadly followed). "Our aim is to be a bank in fifteen months. We will work quickly as soon as we receive a response," says Tom Olinger.

► All of our information on NewB can be read on Le Soir +.

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