Citroen returns to Ami famous


Citroen decided to revive the amazing name after four decades of a long week by showing an amazing car project at the Geneva exhibition room.

Citroen is sure to return to the beginning, but also to the ideas he has received globally around the world. Just as the 2CV has been fascinating for freedom of movement and French-driven motorcycles (and cities), it is now taking its place; Ami One concept. The concept is the ones that offer answers in all areas that today are at the top of its priority; car business.

To start, we let this be a full electric vehicle, which was satisfied with its first requirement for urban shift. And much of today's technology, from the fast-stop system, has been used to simplify the "electric" application of the electric driver. That's the way the car does not need to be purchased, but it will be taken when needed, which uses a mobile bid for five minutes to five years.

At the same time, the same mobile phone will be the cockpit interface, and the car will be used without a driver's license.

Citroen's storage does not stop there, but it's a? extended to design. The business approach comes from the view that "magic box" has as many parts of the work outdoors as possible. There is genius continuation, arranged in the lowest way, but also to better distribute the user. In just 2.5 meters long, there is enough room for two sets, a lump, a lot of landfill and, in fact, a driver, and details like sun will be; very popular.

Citroen can not celebrate the 100th birthday in a better way than the idea in which many recognize the spirit of 2CV, but in the draft of the new millennium.

And as long as you are & # 39; waiting for a car to appear clearly on the roads, it is known that Citroen has produced a wealthy amount of lifestyle materials.


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