City HCM Academy's claim for hundreds of millions has shown that "co-operation"


The Chief Inspector of Ho Chi Minh Town has an Air Determination. 169 / QD-TTTP-P5 to investigate the maintenance of legal provisions in the application work under the project for the Building of Public Office) is deposited by the Academy.

City HCM City Academy Academy Hundreds of thousands of dollars show signs

The Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee proposal was to be removed from the pack of hundreds of billions of dong

Academy Party Committee "decision" to select the contractor

According to the survey, on November 13, 2009, the Ho Chi Minh Town Committee of the Air Determination Committee. 5163 / QD-UBND has been distributing more than 7.1 ha of land for investment in the construction of a School of officers. Town.

The HCM City City Design and City Development School coordinated with the consultancy unit to make detailed design planning with a scale of 1/500 to the Binh Thanh area People's Committee for approval. The project has been implemented in steps and the total project capital of its project was approved at over 800 billion VND.

In this regard, the first level (including the rating, construction of new gates, including permanent homes and fences) is more than 28 billion; Stage 2 (building blocks, technical houses, including library items, classrooms, lakes, administrative corridors, libraries, walkers' gardens …) over 456 billion; Stage 3 (student building and classroom hall) over 336 billion.

The survey findings indicate major crimes in Level 3: building student halls and residential homes.

For level 3, the advocate advisor is Nam Long Construction Investment Consultant Company (Long Name Company); The Civil and Industrial Planning Consultancy Stock Company project administration consultancy; The Advocacy Advocacy unit is a Civil and Industrial Planning Consultancy Stock Company.

According to the survey, on June 22, 2017, HCM City of Public Works has agreed to its cost; for a Home Staff Academy (level 3) pack – the inn and hall of more than 322 billion, and the building, installation and installation of a home appliance package worth over 217.5 billion.

On November 30, 1977, the Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee held the opening offer on its financial recommendation. At this time, the contractor of the No. 5 Comprehensive Stock Company – Binh Minh Construction One Member Limited is able to access; Application price is lower than the agreed application pack, and the other two application rates are considerably higher than that with the agreed package price.

In particular, the value of the agreed package is more than 217.5 billion, and the other two units are & # 39; an application for VND 314 billion and more than 251 billion, the build stock strategy company. 5 – Cong The Binh Minh Earranta Construction Company offers more than 217.2 billion.

Subsequently, the Project Administrator will evaluate and find a Part 5 Share Stock Company using some key materials and equipment for its & An application pack that does not meet the requirements of the application application and The Company Limited is not familiar with any Member Binh Minh in accordance with the requirements of the application documents.

After that, his contractor group sent a letter to HCM City Academy: "Commitments to grant full consent to the types of materials under the application documents and unpaid unit price".

The project co-advisor received a Joint Stock Trading Company. 5 – The Company Limited did not meet any Member Binh Minh by Article 16 of Article 39; Order No. 63/2014 / ND-CP dated 16 June 2014. of the Government explaining how several sections of the Law of Food were granted.

However, on 7 March 1818, the Institute of Public Officers met and agreed to choose a contractor company Number of Number 5 Construction – Limited Company of any Binh Minh company.

Request for the Committee of the Committee of the City Party Committee

The investigation decides that the team of advocacy experts does not; fulfilling the conditions prescribed by the law of appeal. Nam Long Construction Construction Investment Adviser, Ltd, is the responsibility of a direct advocacy team for a tender package.

Hundreds of the billions at the HCM Academy Academy Academy show

Ho Chi Minh City Academy Campus

According to the survey, the inclusion of the consultation documents offered by consultation units is not complete. The member of Binh Minh Construction is a member of the Debt Company Limited that meets the requirements of the application documents. However, the contractor is still considered for technical documents.

The Long Construction Investment Adviser for Nam Long, Civil Engineering and Stock Consultant Business Adviser, Director, Deputy Director of Home Institute is a concern. Baile to be cared for at the time of an event.

According to the survey, a Bidding Adviser has a lack of capacity, lack of knowledge of selecting contractors for the construction and installation, supply and installation of a schoolhouse equipment. Advocacy consultants will genuinely report false results, and # 39; verify contractor election results.

As part of the Project Management Advisor, the survey is decide that the deficiencies of their contractor have been found through a contractor's election process, with many documents that are; confirm and maintain its & # 39; The view is that the partnership The applicant fails to fulfill the application application's requirements. But after that, the Project Administrative Advisor changed the vision in an unusual way.

Therefore, agree with the Food Adviser and agree to agree to the list of contractors (Joint Stock Company No. 5 – Binh Minh Single-member Limited Company).

The TP Inspector decides that the Administrative Administrator of Projects is a " shows the irregular and irregular behaviors in the assessment report on its employer's co-expense's results and submitted to the investor for approval of related results. contractor. The "contractor", in consultation with the tenderer, has sought a contractor's mistake but unresolved against legal provisions regarding fairness and transparency in actions advocate, which should be investigated. Clarification and treatment according to law.

From the findings of the survey, headquarters HCM City asked the Chairman of the People's Committee in Ho Chi Minh City to confirm and clarify that the Cadres Union Party Committee voting was due to the Company's joint venture agreement election. Build No. 5 – One-member Binh Minh Limited Liability Company, not in accordance with the activities and activities of the Party Party and the provisions of the Law on Provision.

At the same time, ask the Home Office Academic Director to scrutinize and clarify that the Project Management Advisor and Solar Advisers have signposted "fuel" signs; describing a selection of inappropriate contractors. Requirements for the applicant who is proposing the investor to ' accept the classification of its contractor; Restrict the provisions of the application law.

In addition, the Ho Chi Minh City People's Head of Human Resources Committee is responsible for coordinating the Department of Domestic Affairs, Committee Committee's Audit Committee; Town to review the collections and collections duties as to break. In particular, the procedure that sets out the selection of contractors for the installation and installation, installation and installation of a schoolhouse equipment and the re-arrangement in accordance with legal provisions.


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