City of Dublin most expensive to rent


Dublin has joined Europe's five most expensive accommodation centers for the first time to rent accommodation, new research exhibitions are appearing.

Dublin has been more expensive to pay in the cities of Paris, Copenhagen and Stockholm.

The research by global mobility expert ECA International states that the average rental price for furniture without a furniture, medium range, three bedrooms in Dublin has increased to € 3,406 a month.

ECA International said it had been a decade of significant change in Dublin's residential rental market.

“The global financial crisis was showing investment in the Irish capital and rents have increased sharply each year as recovery,” said Alec Smith, Accommodation Services Manager at The Prince of Wales. T ECA International.

“The demands of international companies for mobilizing staff has an impact on the rental cost of these properties and are seeking to take advantage of the low corporate fee rate. , "Alec Smith said. T

London remains the most expensive town for rented accommodation in Europe, but the latest research shows that Dublin has jumped to 35 places to 26 in global locations.

ECA said it had risen in rent last year as a result of the strength of the euro.

While Dublin saw the biggest increase in European taxation charges, the increase in cities such as Madrid, Rome, Paris and Barcelona increased by over 120 euros per month.

Meanwhile, Hong Kong is the most expensive situation in the world for an expatriate rent, with average buildings exceeding $ 10,929 a month, up 4.9% from last year.

New York is the second most expensive city in the world for foreign workers, and the most expensive place in the United States.

However, falling rental costs have dropped by more than $ 250 last year, as a few applications fell.

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