Civilization VI receives a new extension to & # 39; focusing on natural accidents


In addition to the destructive nature and new factions, we see other changes.

The latest work spread fire strategies Civilization VI Their second extension. Yes Expand and fall play the dark and gold world of the nations, as well as the loyalty of the towns and rulers, so the Gathering Storm gathering again will be the focus of natural accidents.

An exhibition can be shown directly on what we enjoy in the new list:

We will have to deal with random accidents such as breaking up floods, earthquakes or volcanoes. But there are also major problems, such as global warming as a result of air pollution and subsequent glacial melting. This, in fact, means that there are floods of coastal areas. New energy must also be created by using power plants; using a variety of restricted fuel and natural resources.

As well as the disasters, we can count on many improvements and other changes. For example, there is a worldwide-wide conference or more opportunities for diplomacy and spionage. In fact, new civil servants and their directors will also have enough.

Civilization VI: Gathering Storm will be released on computers in the next year, 14 February, 2019.

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