CJ seek Bar helps to challenge the negative view of the judges


KUALA LIVE: Judge Richard Malanjum today urged the Malaysia Bar to address the public's criticism of the judges.

“I hope the Bar will come with us for this,” he said. “It is the part of the reason that the public is not standing to the judges but that lawyers give the names of the judges to try to influence their clients. ”

Adding that work like that could be damaging to the judges, he said that there are other fund-raising lawyers to reduce the penalties in criminal cases.

Worse still, he said, there are some who ask clients to get money to sort out the case.

“The lawyer says, give me all the money I have and share it with the master, the judge, the police and the police officer.

“I pray that this has not happened, but can you think about the impact on the client, especially those who do not understand the legal system? “He said he was.

The principal judge, who is due to retire next month, addresses the publication of a joint report by the United Nations Development Program and the judges on the judicial management system.

He gave other examples, including solicitors who can reduce the fine, for example from RM10,000 to RM2,000.

“The lawyer knows he is moving (the conviction),” he said. “These are the things that upset them that they are giving negligence to the judge. ”

He urged the judges to address the issue, saying it had failed so far not to perform effectively unlike other countries such as Singapore.

“It has a good public relations office and its staff to deal with the media, particularly social media,” he said.

He also noted that budget allocation was not sufficient to handle the issue.

“We can work day and night, but leave unless we can communicate our achievements to the world. I hope that this issue can be addressed, ”he said.

On another issue, Malanjum said that the courts have a timeline in promoting crime trials and appeals, including for corruption cases.

He also said that this depends on the lawyers who appear for accused people.

“There's only one of the hands and the other is the lawyers who want to get out. What can the court do? “He said.

He also said that long periods of time need to be given when lawyers want a lot of questions.

“But we need to give them the chance as customers' freedom is up and running,” he said.

It was in response to the Division's plan to set up the Prime Minister's High Court case and to establish an Court of Appeal to deal with corruption cases, to speed up examinations and appeals.

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