CL race games of "death group" Wednesday


In the Commonwealth League C group, the beasts are heavy. Paris Saint-Germain is already under pressure before the Wednesday home game in the "death group" against Liverpool, and the newest French threatened the event that was made in the most important event. # 39; recently. In addition to Liverpool and Naples Schalke was able to settle the 16 round. Tottenham still wants to translate with Inter.

Last Liverpool dropped in Belgrade (0: 2). In the competition it's a # 39; run for last year's last, six points, but to # 39; Follow clockwork: ten winners and three drawers (unwanted) to & # 39; let the "Reds" travel with an extensive fund to Paris. If the club wins in the mainland of France, the last sixteen would be ready. Napoli (6) should also win the "Red Star" of Belgrade (4) of Salzburg, which has dramatically influenced them, then that the restriction of a title was eliminated by Paris (5) even before the last group game.

For Thomas Tuchel, who was not responsible for working in the summer, he could be close to his coach position. Although the club in the French competition has dropped points and is far higher than everything else, but for Qatari owners is particularly important in the main class. Last season was last year. In Prince's Park, Neymar and Kylian Mbappe's last star star players should help to avoid the danger. "I think they'll be able to play. It's getting better every day," said Tuchel over the weekend on her health.

Indeed, Liverpool is responsible for his trident storm Mohamed Salah-Roberto Firmino-Sadio Mane. And the credit in the collection. Only five goals awarded in 13 league games show specific protection stability. "Everything we do, we'll do together," said Mane. PSG is a hardbone, so the ex-Salzburg is fast-paced. "But everything is possible for us."

As Liverpool could have been in Group D but very spectacular, Schalke 04 is part of the last 16 teams. "That would be a milestone for us," said the German coach, Domenico Tedesco, before guests appeared at Porto's leaders. "We want to move in to the tour, as we've got a lot to get involved in the Exposition League." If Galatasaray Istanbul previously had not won at Lok Moscow, the advancement would be even confirmed before the trip.

In the 5: 2 against Nuremberg's help in the league league Alessandro Schöpf and self-confidence Guido Burgstaller. "It's good to get more than one thing," said Steven Skrzybski, name two times first. The 26-year-old could also be a storm in the side of Porto on Burgstallers. It was also recommended by the ÖFB team player, who also met. "It worked well for the first time we played together".

Barcelona (10) is already in Group B, with Inter Milan (7) and Tottenham Hotspur (4) finishing second. The Englishmen in Wembley are much more important, the Italians may think that they live well with one point before the last home game against their. club at the base of Eindhoven at this time. In Group A, almost all the promotional areas are not distributed to Dortmund and Atletico Madrid. Both are kept at nine points and may be at & # 39; winning in the home games against Bruges and Monaco also the fourth victory in the fifth game.

After the first ball game lost at Atlético Madrid (0-2) three weeks ago, Dortmund wants to use the second opportunity against FC Bruges. I would like to finish the company's remote game in Monaco on December 11th. "It would be important that we close the thing on Wednesday," said Captain Reus.

"We need to face this game as it is not yesterday tomorrow", BVB's managing manager, Hans-Joachim Watzke, is hoping that his first team will be in the 16th European League tour. "In this season, you can not relax one or two percent."

The first step memories will be & # 39; surrender their awareness too. Only with good luck, Bundesliga leaders in mid-September thank Thanks for Christian Pulisic's ultimate goal (85) 1: 0 in Belgium. "Bruges is an unpleasant enemy. We had many problems," said Reus, but he still stressed the progress of his Bundesliga leader. "We have one, two steps longer than we were there." "We're really on our own position. It will not be easy again," said Mario Götze.

For Lucien Favre's coach, the concern of staff continues to be limited. But just as Marshal Schmelzer lives alive every professional is available. It's hard to think Swiss football teacher rescues some of the stars because of it; If Paco Alcácer, who is struggling, goes ahead, Lucien Favre left the open coach: "He did not play a lot in Barcelona for two years. That's why It's normal he needs his time. "

For additional talk material before the Shinji Kagawa game. Out of disagreement with its defensive status, midfielder, which was linked to BVB by 2020, which appeared at a change in the Japanese media. The 29-year-old man started with a move to Spain. VfB Stuttgart is also trading as a customer.

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