Claims 2 businesses pay nearly 50 billion tax


On 21 November, Luong Van Hai, Vice President of the People's Committee in the province of Binh Thuan, sent the official letter to the Department of Natural Resources and the Environment in terms of its analysis and ; debt debt debts and financial obligations Construction Materials Company Limited Vinh Tan.

The People of the People's Committee sought to coordinate the Natural Resources and Environment Department by the Finance Department and the District Charges Department to investigate debt. This company will be from 2014 to August 2015 when a company has a & # 39; decline. Ask the units above processing and reporting to the Scottish Committee by 30 November. Previously, according to the Department of Natural Resources and Environment's report on the collection of this company's mining license.

Mar Law HCMC It is reported that Vinh Tan's Associated Stock Joint company incorporates Vinh Tan Building Materials Company Limited, which has not paid a tax for many years later.

According to the Thin Binh Taxation Division, the total tax debt of the two companies up to this time exceeds 47 billion, and the mineral rights for rights of 26.2 billion.

At this time, the campaign has launched a recalling profession certification and Binh Thuan's Scotland has written to ask for major campaigns to overcome the difficulties that it has. ; at present.

In particular, the financial obligations of mineral mineral rights, taxes and taxes in mineral mineral operations must be met according to the rules, initiatives must be reported in writing on the results of the implementation of the requirements above for DONRE.

Speaking to us, the leader of the Binh Thuan Taxation Department, if the two campaigns do not; implementation which incorporates collaborative degrees.

It was VND1.5 billion; in the Bac Ha Mining Investment. The Comprehensive Stock Company had the total offers. However, due to its permission, its company is still in use and have not yet paid the investment.

The amount of environmental rehabilitation loans Vinh Tan Construction Material Co., Ltd. is more than one billion VND, and its upheaval up to 2015 exceeds 300 million VND and its company has stop mining operations.

It is known that Hanoi's two business-based investors.

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