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While Esteban Guerrieri and Frédéric Vervisch were joins Jean-Karl Vernay as the WTCR Race of Macau winners, Gabriele Tarquini, who was the biggest reason for a chance to do with her. The first WIA World Tour Cup bid – FIA has been given by OSCARO with only three points *.

Fighting a TCR Hyundai i30 N for the BRC Racing Team on Yokohama titles, Tarquini won his & her; First event of the year in Morocco and has since been strong in the title of fighting since then.

Despite the second harsh prize in Macau, leaving it outside the top 10 for Sunday's racing decisions, Tarquini just enough to complete P10 in Race 3 to give him the leading title to Yvan Muller, the TAG Heuer Best Driver of the Event Post-

"My nine-year-old memories I've been thinking of stopping races as you want to do more than a world-wide title?" Tarquini goes. "It's probably the best time to stop, but I thought why I should stop, I want to make a race. I have the adrenaline, I'm not really Slowly, I can compete again. And I have sent me, because stopping the SEAT, to go back with a private team in 2010, 2011, 2012 and then I was back in the Honda team. So I did not stop it and this is the biggest season. And I also have to thank Hyundai for choosing it at first, every team, mechanic and my company. And I am also to congratulate Yvan, who worked hard during the season. He is the most difficult challenge for me. "

The self-run team manages the Magnificent Muller instructions to the entrants' entitlement
Yvan Muller gave everyone to carry his gun from the Gabriele Tarquini game but he did not. podium brace enough to select their main prize although the self-run instrument, YMR, was set up at the beginning of the season, BRC beat The titles of the Teams who thank for his own efforts and Thed Björk. Muller identified his success in announcing plans for driving for the new Lynk & Co Cyan Racing line in the OSCARO WTCR in 2019. "As I said to my team, I easily One of my titles to be a team team. I will be with Lynk & Co for the next year. "

Huff can not do enough that Macao is winning number 10
Rob Huff said DHL's dual DHL was in the GTV Sébastien Loeb Racing Volkswagen Golf but he had to settle for third and second – and the TAG Heuer Best Lap Trophy for his efforts.

Guerrieri contributes to the Nürburging effect with its & # 39; first Macau was winning
Esteban Guerrieri took a serious pressure from the role of DHL Pole Position, Rob Huff, who won the 3rd Race, secondly benefiting the season after Nordschleife Nürburgring succeeded earlier this year. The Honda-powered driver ALL-INKL.COM Münnich Motorsport was the leader of Huff and Norbert Michelisz with Fourth Muller, fifth Eann Ehrlacher and Pepe Oriola with Cupra. finishing the top six for the OSCARO Team with Campos Racing.

Vervisch makes it a winner number 15 of 2018
Frédéric Vervisch (Audi Sport Team Comtoyou) became a winner number 15 of the World FIA World Tour Cup, which was donated by OSCARO, and provided a good way for Timo Scheider to launched its & # 39; First prize for Race 2, external guidance at Mandarin. Scheider seconded with Yvan Muller the third place and Kevin Ceccon's fourth team at Team Mulsanne Alfa Romeo Giulietta. Esteban Guerrieri and Yann Ehrlacher finished the six high tunes.

Race winner statement
Jean-Karl Vernay, Audi Sport Leopard Lukoil Team, Audi RS 3 LMS (Race 1):"Well, I had a start and I was hoping a safe car, well. First of all, I was able to stay in the front row by Mandarin, Yvan was inside for the next row and I tried to help it to go to P2. The best thing was that it was too difficult to go over that way and it's just a 39; I stayed in the second place, which was already very good and I was hoping a safety car. And it happened after us. With the fastest we knew we could pass over and that happened . After that, they were faster than we did in the old town because we were very tough, so I tried to stay back and do not do my mearachdan, to be very sure, left a good way from the last two corners so that Yvan could not pass, and it was if th. I am very pleased, happy to Audi and the team and sponsors. The target should be in P3 in the # 39; broadcast after Decision 1. I am very happy and happy, but we need to watch tomorrow and the upcoming races. Then we may be able to identify its & # 39; tomorrow, but there is still a long way [to go]. "

Frédéric Vervisch, Audi Sport Team Comtoyou, Audi RS 3 LMS (Race 2):"We had a great deal on just. Our start was OK, I got over Ceccon and then I was behind Timo, but at the first end he was dragging away and So I thought it would be difficult. But on the second stone, he hit his pace a bit and I thought it was possible to pass. But it's not easy, but I can not go past Mandarin. I said it was now or never, with my big car, and then I think it was just about controlling the race and not to make any mistakes as they fought. I'm very happy and it's great to face these two legends. I'm also very happy for the team to & # 39; our first benefit. "

Esteban Guerrieri, ALL-INKL.COM Münnich Motorsport, Honda Civic Type R TCR (Race 3):"It was a fantastic season, I really enjoyed it, with lots of walks with everyone here too, but we know how it is. We know how to We need a race, a little too often, but this is a racing and we need to always learn. I am happy to finish the season in this way, which will benefit in Macau. Two win this year, in Macau and on the Nordschleife, so I can not ask for more. It was a good year and finished the third place too [in the standings] I am very happy. I was disappointed on Friday, but if I knew I would win today, that's right. I am happy with this one here [Rob Huff] and I learned a lot; attack it, and indeed we'll have a good battle again next year. Thanks to my team, my family, I have a lot of support and my mother who has a lot of support. fight … I'm very happy, thank you very much. "

WTCR – FIA World Round Tour given by OSCARO title contest champion:

Gabriele Tarquini, BRC Racing Team, Hyundai i30 N TCR:"It's brilliant. I recall nine years ago to walk to this world-wide news conference, and I thought it would be possible to put on a raid for & What do you want to achieve more than a globe title? It may be the best time to stop, but I walked there and I was thinking about it; why should I stop, I want to make a race. I have an adrenaline, I'm not slow, I can compete again. And I have sent me, because stopping the SEAT, to go on back with a private team in 2010, 2011, 2012 and then I was back in the Honda team. So I stopped and this is the biggest season. And I also have to thank Hyundai for choosing them at first, every team, mechanic and my company. And I also want to congratulate Yvan, who worked for my work gold during the season. He is the hardest challenger. He was already over nine years and ten years since we fought in 2008 and 2009. I am delighted that he came back to race because he wanted to stop it, and I remember & # 39; I said, "I said, why did you want a young stop? And now I'm very happy he's back and fight again. And I forgot my family – my wife, my daughter and my son! "

WTCR OSCARO: main numbers of 2018

5:Gabriele Tarquini
4:Thed Björk, Jean-Karl Vernay
3:Yvan Muller
2:Yann Ehrlacher, Esteban Guerrieri, Rob Huff
1:Mehdi Bennani, Kevin Ceccon, Aurélien Comte, Mato Homola, Norbert Michelisz, Pepe Oriola, Gordon Shedden, Frédéric Vervisch

DHL pole positions:
6:Thed Björk
4:Rob Huff
3:Norbert Michelisz
2:Gabriele Tarquini, Jean-Karl Vernay
1:Kevin Ceccon, Aurélien Comte, Gordon Shedden

Fastest Chicken:
5:Gabriele Tarquini
4: Thed Björk, Jean-Karl Vernay
3:Yann Ehrlacher, Norbert Michelisz
2:Rob Huff, Pepe Oriola, Frédéric Vervisch
1:Mehdi Bennani, Kevin Ceccon, Esteban Guerrieri, Yvan Muller, Daniel Nagy

Guided Laps:
Gabriele Tarquini 73; Jean-Karl Vernay 63; Thed Björk 48; Yvan Muller 32; Gordon Shedden 28; Yann Ehrlacher 26; Rob Huff 22; Mehdi Bennani 18; Aurélien Comte and Esteban Guerrieri 16; Kevin Ceccon 15; Norbert Michelisz 14; Pepe Oriola 10; Gordon Shedden and Frédéric Vervisch 5; Timo Scheider 3.

Report of the Race: mail: Guerrieri, Vervisch a & # 39; A great win, Tarquini is winning more in the enjoyable WTCR season; first appeared on the WTCR FIA World Round Tour Cup delivered by OSCARO.

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