Classic Bugatti for € 30,000 – Technical News


In 1926, Ettore Bugatti son, four years, Roland, built a copy of the sport Type Type type with smaller sizes. However, Bugatti Baby's original design has no change, because the car is of great interest to the company's customers, and in Molsheim they have decided to exempt it in a series of programs. Thus, between 1927 and 1936, 500 pieces were added.

Inspired by childhood success, Bugatti has developed a new version of the card. The new edition shows an electricity module at the rear, the local lithium battery and a renewable energy recovery system.

The power plant has three modes of operation. The “baby” power is limited to 1.36 hp and the highest speed is 20 km / h. If the “adult” mode is on, the electric motor is generated 5.5 hp and the maximum speed increases to 45 km / h. The optional "Key" key removes all 13.6 horses and deletes the current speed limit.

The Bugatti Baby II shows powerful lights, a leather seat, an aluminum tableboard and effective brakes. Like the first, the model will create 500 units, each with a cost of € 30,000.

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