Claudia Schiffer is a new word


When she is meeting Claudia … This season, which is going to meet her. going on in a mental setting that engages in color, authenticity and feeling in the 90s that saw the birth of images, women and fashion. Bright, solar and free. Claudia Schiffer is like ba & sh.

Barbara, Sharon and Claudia …

Title to Woody Allen film. The same fairness, light, feelings, identity, streets in Manhattan or Paris. Meeting as beautiful as natural. Amazing fashion and beautiful images, Barbara and Sharon broke on Claudia. They were looking for a woman, personality for her & her; banner was established. "In 15 years, we loved our first appearance, indeed, but it was not clear, we'd love to find the personality … And Claudia Schiffer affect our lives " they will add, smile. "Its beauty, wearing, its unique way has gone through the years to prove, we wanted a new, beautiful and generous girl, someone who tells us"Sharon says. "A meeting with Claudia was made naturally, it was as if we had always been familiar with each other … we talked about the collections, their favorite materials, the brand." Ba & sh is suffering from the beginning of a story about how sad it is; it was between Barbara and Sharon. Summer 19, friendship seems to have been influenced again.

The 90s: motions that nourish; requests. We're looking forward to returning to the 90s, which is sensitive to fashion trends, of course, that Barbara and Sharon have marked this new collection especially with style style, beautiful memories of that time : Belted Lawn Jacket, T-shirt 90, Denim Jacket, Re-Started Today, With The Style Of The Breaker, In The Award.

Desire for a long time to be: "the image ba & sh". "We wanted to express this initiative with an elegant woman, more than a star, a woman capable of identifying the spirits." Naturally, we were thinking about Claudia, his beauty and eye, indeed, we challenged. It is a hug in magazines, Across this mythology, and His humiliation, his friendship and his personality has proved to us … It is a statue; In Claudia that has gone over the years, this bad weather idea has been appealed to us. who gives us a guide for 15 years by doing it; Think of the new equipment of ba & sh. This collaboration gives us a visibility, Claudia has given us. "

Desire for confirmation: Claudia Schiffer confirms she has continued to keep Karl Lagerfeld's advice at her; The first time she wants her to stay in her own and her equipment, advice she was doing; Believe to cooperate with his logo as a baff. Already a banner-maker, she was a transporting goods and giving love to the world of the world.

He wants to & # 39; including a unique, unique decoration, who loves Claudia, a beautiful and good woman. Her beauty, her hair and her pout that reminds the energy of Brigitte Bardot. Ellen Von Unwerth, one of Claudia's beautiful professionals, The first one who used this equality was funny and sexy. For ba & sh, she will set up this season than women's joy; banner, freedom and modernity. Desire for women to enlarge Claudia, Barbara, Sharon and female customers, the same women … Women are performed. Happy women of time. Fashion women. Female characters. Claudia, entrepreneur, mother and star, knew how he would play all the roles. It shows a distinctive vision. Collections for women who are pretty classical who want to just what they want to be. Blessed and good. Of course.

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