Clear recognition of individual and corporate responsibility for fair balance – Nhan Dan newspaper


Speaking at a & # 39; Conference Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc said that SOE has a vital role in developing the country, world-wide countries have SOEs to manage and manage the economy. The Deputy The Government has established the State Capital Regulation (DN) Committee, which needs to be more transitors, causing problems and bottlenecks for production and business, but management needs restored. SOE Development, the place of the economy.

The Government's executive spirit is to create positive situations on tools, policies and laws for balance (CPH) and SOEships, if they have any problems, they must be praised and changed immediately. After the conference, the Prime Minister's distribution of the Rule will strengthen the reorganization, reorganize and restructuring SOEs and balance SOEs. At the same time, the units must force the law firmly, not to have legal fraud and a recycling break in confirmation, abolition. The First Minister called for clarification of individual and organizational responsibilities in tackling balancing, capital return, stock exchange registration, with strong sanctions, a & # 39; handle tight breach, without acting permissions. To provide an account of corporate ideas and suggestions, corporations and SOEs to relevant authorities to make changes directly to the rules related to the correct value of land use, fair enterprise value, the HPE process, compensation , rules on financial regulation, salary, registration, registration, …

Over the past, SOE's efficiency renewal and development has made many important achievements, contributing to the sustainability of the macroeconomics and the creation of state budget revenue. Reduce the number of SOEs from more than 12,000 to less than 600. However, the effectiveness, the contribution of many SOEs is still low, there are many problems in bad debt, loss, massiveness, transparency, control and control. Although many normal examples have emerged after CPH, the profits of the campaigns have increased significantly, there is still a psychological fear of losing situation, post-balance post, capital withdrawn so that it was not implemented . This very interesting idea has hindered the pace of innovation; group interests, corruption in balance, reverse SOE.

In recent times, there have been a number of corruption issues that have been shown by officers, corporate leaders, divisions, ministries, branches and areas. The Prime Minister said the reason was due to the equipment, This is due to the spread of long-term state control, especially the lack of officers and organizations involved. The Party's and State's opinion is to work hard work on poor corruption, and overcome weaknesses and constraints in confirmation, and restore SOEs. The Government will take an initiative in managing, reviewing and sending a # 39; Performing the equipment and policies to focus on rehabilitation. The scrutiny and testing work needs to be very tight, the purpose of making campaigns is more appropriate, using the rules, the media involved. Deal with a breach, but prevent the development but have to try to innovate, active organizations need to strengthen the trust for businesses, investors and markets, and create a favorable business environment to create incentives economically.

Prioritizing priorities and renewables requirements and raising the efficiency of SOEs in the future, the Prime Minister noted: that all levels, branches, corpses, corpses and SOEs should have a major impact on the implementation of CPH structural activities, capital return on market principle, transparency, transparency, loss of capital and state assets. HSEs must be linked to listing their stock market because the proven process is causing a loss to the state's property, which is easy to use. happening through woodlands. In cases where initiatives do not appear to complete their equality plans and caused by appropriate reasons, they should contact the First Minister for consideration and settlement.

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