Clearances in children. Causes and cure


Clearances are an infectional disease that affects its & # 39; high respiratory tract. Although most adults get cold from time to time, children can get eight or more cold each year.

Ceumannan to prevent cold
Ceumannan to prevent cold

Cold causes:

1. Viruses

Most cases of coldness are caused by influenza in the air, unexpected or instrumental instruments that we will; impact. These viruses can enter the nose and neck line, which means the defensive system causes. Sròn.

2- Air air

It can reduce the infection of infection with viruses that cause cold, and it is likely that smokers are cooler and can also remove asthma or bigger disease.

Cold signs in children

Cold, pain and flow are the first indication. Children with cold may have a They feel very tired and they are sad at heart, cough, headache, funny fever, muscle growth and loss of growth, and nasal mucus can grow yellow or green Select.

Cold signs in children
Cold signs in children

Is there an accidental cold?

Fat is one of the most common infectious diseases in the world, and cold can be spread through a person's relationship with another man or crannogs that are excessive of the virus, which reaches up to 12 feet in the air when there is a ban no person's cold flow on mouth or nose Talk to a polluted surface to spread the cold too.

How to treat a cold

Healing can not cure cold, but symptoms can be reduced as wild cancer, headache and fever. Patients can be based on paracetamol based on age or stress suggestions, but they do not provide aspirin for children or young people.

Ceumannan for healing cold in children
Ceumannan for healing cold in children

Ceumannan to prevent cold

Because many viruses cause cold, there is no vaccine for protection that can help avoid them, but in the case of a child the following should be followed:

Keep away from anyone with cold.

Avoid negative smoking.

Wash your hands well.

A stop not a & # 39; cough in the tools or on the side and not in the hands.

Do not divide foxes, drink cups or eat food with someone who is cold.

Do not lift up the materials that others use.

Doctors have not shown whether they should take zinc or vitamins C It can be restricted as a whole or as bad as cold features, but large dose that is taken daily can cause adverse effects.

But before adding any additional improvements to the baby, your doctor decides about the daily dose that is proposed.

Cold in children
Cold in children

Treatments will help the child to; get over cold

Add salt water to drop into the cannons to get nasal relief.

Use a cool moisturizer to increase air humidity.

Caseline will be painted on & # 39; skin especially in the nose to get the product out.

To relieve bitter soup only for children older than 6 years they can name tweeters.

Take a warm bath or use heat to heat and disturb distress and pain.

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