Clearly, Hungary did not say the last word in the second round


Although the First Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orban, said recently that he would not take part in the divorce between Divača and Koper, Peter Szijjarto left today Minister of Hungary. The Foreign Minister, Miro Cerar, made clear to the Hunger at their meeting today that the government of Slovenia will decision about participating in Hunger in the project.

Foreign Minister of Hungarian Patrick Szijjarto, invited to an invitation from the Foreign Minister of Slovenia Look at Cerar According to Radio Slovenia, the Slovenian government will clearly determine the Hungarian partnership in the project. "Tell me, my good friend, Miro Cerar, I should not say that a secretary's minister should have to be understood as a decision by the government of Slovenia," said Szijjarto.

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Second way: Cerar and Erjavec are regretted to withdraw from Hungary, Bratuskova believes the project will be cheaper




Szijjarto: Bratuskova's reports are unhappy

Bratuskov is on Monday, a few days after being a Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban said the Hunger would not participate in the other way, confirming that our neighbor's neighbor was talking about the construction work of his / her; Speaking as she was interested in the Sound of Sliabh. In the hands on the other hand, Luka Koper will not finish even a centimeter, provided by Bratuškova. "If that's why they do not, they will not do that," she said.

The Foreign Minister of Hungary today reported that Minister's Infrastructure reports were so simple. "We've made a good start at the time of your Prime Minister Cerar," added Szijjarto. Accordingly, the Hungarians also consider opportunities in other ports. In Port Koper, the neighboring country will exceed two million tonnes per annum, which is the case. representing one tenth of all the goods product in Koper.

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Did Cerar's circle kill the other way? Brus did not request that he would be beside the Hunger.




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