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Today's talks with pupils and crafts unions that represent nurses and social care staff are completed.

Today, the government's party team has agreed with a craft union of staff and craft unions that represent nurses and staff in social care. The strike in those activities, which was announced for the beginning of December, will not, after late talks, the head of the government's conciliation team

Patrick Pogačar.

"This is the aim of the government to continue,"

he said.

It was expected that the strike agreement would begin on Wednesday with Slovenia's Education, Education, Science and Culture Trade Union, Slovenia Health and Social Care Union and the Union of Healthcare Services in China.

In the meantime, it co-ordinates with the commissioning of strike committees; is a leading trade union organization

Jakob Počivavšek,

Today it is tight. Pogačar is still hoping that this band will also listen to government arguments, as well as other trade union organizations.

"In this way, we can ensure that public servants get higher salaries as early as January 1, and that's just the ones we need in the"

Pogačar stressed him, saying that they can only block them from the Pokivavšek group.

Slovenia 14.11.2011 Jakob Pocivavsek, President of the Shlovakian Union of Trade Unions

Reconciliation negotiation


Negotiating Debate: The Pokrivka group had a & # 39; negotiate

A majority of union justice is required to implement the agreement, as a quorum needs the changes in the general agreement for the public sector.

It is estimated that the similar output, which would be the same. related to the entire public sector, about 300 million euro after unofficial information.

Police officers



The police will increase the strike, they will beat here

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