Clerk against the referendum on migration. SDS: The decision should be taken by #video people


SDS deputy, Branco Grims, stressed today's presentation of the proposal for a consultative referendum called on by the United Nations agreement on migration that people decide on immigration regulation. Accordingly, this referendum is possible because, due to a decision on this, the National Assembly will adopt future legislation. "I do not see the need for a referendum on the UN's agreement on migration," said Prime Minister Marjan Šarec.

The referendum law states that the National Assembly can call a consultative referendum on issues that are of its own right, which is important for the citizens.

It is an international activity in the US Migration Agreement, which is not internationally agreed; and, according to the law on foreign affairs, the government knows about these actions and that the National Assembly is not expected to be the procedure. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this is a political document that is not legally linked.

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Migration Agreement: SDS bid for a referendum consultation #foto #video




The proposal was submitted with the NHS

"The aim is that people decide to themselves whether they are positive for immigrants and, indeed, that the relevant legislation is accepted on its own. This Grid Grims commented on the submission of the application, the SDS was registered with the NHS. The most challenging party is certain that this policy is correct, the MP said.

In his words, a consultation referendum can be cited on anything that is beyond the decision of the National Assembly. It is all legislation that would be taken on the basis of a decision for or against a migration. This legislation can be adopted, however, on the basis of a UN unified agreement on migration, he said.


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Australia is also opposed to the UN global migration agreement




The NSi did not support the referendum

So, the SDS and NHS parliamentary body, and its proposal; following referendum question: "Do you welcome Slovenia to join the World Paper on Safe, Regulatory and Legal Migration, which is the same as legal migration and illegal? "

The challenging NSi, facing the UN agreement, has not yet supported the referendum. "The consultation referendum published by the NSi has been considered a world immigration contract as an expensive, non-essential," said Jernej Vrtovec, a member of the party, told the media on Wednesday afternoon .



Poland will not approve the US immigration agreement




Vatovec: It is a step that is expected

In the meantime, Matej T. Vatovec, former member of the Party Party, said in today's response to submit the referendum recommendation that this is the degree that is being taken; expectations from the SDS. "It's just about continuing to spread grain and fright among the Slovenian citizens," he said. He said that Levica would vote against the referendum, because some cases of human rights are in part, and, on the other hand, it is essential to indicate that it is inaccurate such without a deity and to a & # 39; encouraging hatred.

Milan Brglez from the SD also said that this has continued the ones that have already been seen. "People's feelings are depressed, fear of people being excluded from the same possible problem for global problems, or in this case a migration challenge," he said in reported to the media. In my opinion, it is essential to come together and thus solve the problems, and not challenge EU and Slovenia foundations, which are, in fact, in human rights.

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