CliffyB does not want to work on games – Xboxer


Cliff Blezsinski
We do not know if the Gears of War series is just angry for its previous failures, but Cliff Blezsinski has grown very well on Twitters.

CliffyB said on Twitter that it's like the last two years, he did not have a payment, and Boss Key Productions for several months of paid employees with health insurance, taxes and installments to take them out of work. He said that these problems were the reason why he never wanted to work on any game ever.

Joshua Heitz was one of the sources that made a complaint through Twitter on Cliffy's address that he lost money after his attendees dropped to LawBreakers: "None of them will be the money for the players who were with you and giving you your money to add content. Cliff, I recognize you in Gears of War and it's hard to to see where you are now. I want you to come back. All money is now going ".

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