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The "slipping" language course typically lasts 6 sessions, students will have the option to take a test group of 70 to 80%. Even the tutors need to remind students in the exam room.

In order to be determined to meet the requirements of the Ministry of Education and Training, most of the University University students have chosen to participate in an intensive training course with foreign language teachers.

It is the problem that students who do not have a " participating in anti-slip courses worth about 2 million VND per person "auto slip" – as the students say, or "otherwise" – as recognized by their own teachers.

According to numbers, every year, the school Hanoi University of Business organized around 12 anti-slip courses and billions of dong. In this way, thousands of students are recognized for English level 3 and "split" out of the school gate.

It's more odd when the test scores of the candidates are only published on the 2 Foreign Affairs website and then deleted. Then there is a certificate of anyone who holds, but is socially recognized or not, another story …

Lao Dong journalist has gone into the business center at the University of the Business and he heard that the teacher's eyesight script was for the students to play very skilled money with vocabulary words that should not be done in the educational environment. Everything has been recorded by the reporter in the chart.

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