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Takeoff is a wide range in its latest music video.

When it was announced that every member of the Migos would dispatch a solo record by the end of the year, their fans were happy to be able to; hear how their projects would differ from Culture series. With their third part of their group work coming early in 2019, Takeoff is the latest thing to release its own printing. The last rocket A few weeks ago came back and people have been surprised. The common consensus between hip-hop fans is that Takeoff is the strongest in the company. With an album now, some of the songs with "Casper" stood as one of their favorite songs. It was shown yesterday that the Atlanta spitter would be a music video to go to # 39; Encouraging the way and we did not have to wait long as it is now.

All of the work is based on an international concept, which includes listeners to another planet. "Casper" appears to respond to Takeoff for Drake's Controlla. The instruments are similar, but their methods are different. As he was heard in the short-haired short-haired team, the Migos rapper captures different genres as it is surrounded by historical women, expensive slabs, and CGI graphics.

Check the new video above and let us know your comments.

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