Club Burning Sun, with the BigBang Seungri singer, canceled within a & # 39; police news, news stories and storytelling


SEOUL – Seungri's anger can now begin to launch the Seoul Burning Sun Club; Stopping to run from February 17.

The BigBang singer, 28, who has the club, fire on staff reports that attacked a goat club, and examined her. After that, it was an intelligent center for drug distribution and genetic harassment.

"We have decided to stop business, according to the ongoing research. This does not mean we agree with all disputes," said the whole port to a club producer as he said.

It was reported that a worker was arrested on drug use.

Seungri, on his part, has tried to repair the damage.

At his concert on Saturday (16 February) in Seoul, he excused his fans, saying: "I feel if I do not spend it, people will not which now comes to feel comfortable. I'm sorry to cause people's sadness, and I'm reflecting on what happened.

"Despite a dispute, I did not care carefully.

"As I'm famous, I think and I will be working more precisely from this. I want to be arrested for showing and how to work hard.

"For last year, I've been doing so well I can give you joy. I gave you a disappointment and, for that, I'm embarrassing . "

The head of his governing body, YG Entertainment, has also attempted to settle the position, and also revealed that Seungri was resigned as an active director of the club.

But the move is not directly linked to its reputation.

Singer, who plays in Singapore on Saturday (February 23), is tired to go to # 39; get into force for compulsory military service, and the rules impeded a soldier from holding a business business.

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