Club World Palacios, seud River: from the amazement for the Arab world to the Real Madrid scene


Palacios, the young man of the River, looks at the public of Europe. Map Unlock (Open)

AL AIN, United Arab Emirates.- He is one of the current guys. At 20,

Exequiel Palacios

not only does it appear in the Argentine and Spanish media to move to Real Madrid, but also to attract newspaper news in this major city, which appears as one of the great sights of Argentine football.

The kid of the River came at the same time: Argentina's choice, American champion against Boca, this World Cup and Real Madrid's real interest to get their services.

In this corner of the world, as well as the obvious faces that will hang in Buenos Aires, they have to be able to, dressing, towers and different languages. Following a new use of the River at an Al Ain FC training center, Palacios also responds to questions from Japanese and Japanese, which makes it fantastic. shows a picture of her primary school, which looks very much on her of the current speed, which attempts to do so; read every question with an attempt to try to achieve it in Spain.

Combined by just 20 people, an ever-framed framework for hosting American training, Palacios have a " Talk to many of the media and leave adult concepts, which are compared to the age that is; appearing in his document.

-But this closing 2018: the first time in the national team, American Boca curator, World Cup, the passport to Real Madrid.

-How it's amazing. I've been in the club since I was 8 years old and everything is very strong. I know it's not normal and that's all at the same time, all right, and I need to make the best way. Be calm and very strong in the head. This is a real dream.

– Are you surprised not to recognize them in the hotel or on the street?

-The situation is very unusual. Everywhere we are people from the River. Here too, but they have not come near yet.

-What is the most surprising about a country so different?

-In the language, which is very difficult to understand, and especially when you want to read it. It can be many years and I think we would not change it. And also how they are preparing. This is the first time I've come and it's very strange, quite different.

-What you spend your free time?

– Ahead, listening to music, a & # 39; talk to the family. And everything we often visit around the shops we have next to our hotel.

– By traveling the days they are going to; took part in Madrid they were in history?

-When the game ended, I wanted to identify and do anything else, but by & # 39; past the days that we fall from the great thing we are doing. achieve.

– World Cup wins Win the Club the Libertadores to Boca?

-And something to do with & # 39; affecting the Libertadores to Boca on the river. Unique We really enjoyed where we are, although we have already tightened as you always need to go out for a & # 39; this club. And there we are.

-And you stay on everything that is spoken about your pack?

-This head is 100 percent here, in the River and in the World Cup Cup. This is something that everyone can not live and does not happen every day, so my opinion is to stay a bit longer in the River. In the same way, it is my representative who is responsible for all these issues.

-What is the player you want about Real Madrid?

-Toni Kroos. I always see it. I like playing the game, make the moves it makes, the pass it takes. I enjoy it very much

– Do you talk to the best known?

Yes of course. Almost every child will benefit and talk to those who have been in the & # 39; club for many years. They tell us to enjoy this trip.

– Was it good for you to have taken a few steps from you, sometimes going to the Reserve?

-This is the fact that I need everything. When I had to go down, tell me a training, for my own preparation, I was going to; going to cover my moment. I did that and I'm here.

-And how does your family carry everything that is happening to you?

– All keep the fans of the River, with which they are; celebrate and suffer twice as much as I am. They went with me in Madrid and made me very good.

-What did you do with the last shirt with Boca?

– They are two, one for each time. I gave them to their old ones.

– How will you interpret this River?

-The winning team, never giving up and going for everything. Always

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