CMN changes the public employee pension application rule


The Social Security (RPPS) Regulations, public servant pension schemes, to haveto comply with new investment investment regulations and to improve accessibility and risk management. The National Money Council (CMN) agreed today (27) adjustments that change management management rules with managers. According to the Finance Ministry's Economic Policy (SPE) Administration, the expected amount "is the public funds that protect the federal and state-of-the-city" federal "pensions' pensions.

The measure, the SPE, strengthens the RPPS management through improvements in liquidity and risk management, internal control strengthening, the creation of procedures for risk monitoring and the development of choice and evaluation of managers. According to the Ministry of Finance, the new rules contribute to the fair balance by & # 39; administers more secure and clearer pension schemes.

As an alternative to strengthening control, the CMN allowed the arrangements to extend their investments. The resolution of the authority gave the RPPS overseas money and investment from companies that distribute shares on stock money. In order to promote good governance, the units are regarded as a high level of governance (good management) with the Social Security Administration to havethe boundaries of expanded investments.

According to the SPE, the main change in security security resources was the requirement that new bids of RPPS resources would be made only in investment funds managed by institutions or managers authorized by & # 39; Central Bank. These centers to havenot to establish a risk assessment and review committee under CMN regulations. According to the Ministry of Finance, the RPPS currently distributes 94% of resources for managers with good administrative history.

Linked to center management, research committees establish the most important corporate governance practices. Risk committees should follow these practices when they handle resource bids.

To encourage the multiplication of investments, the CMN has established that the RPPS can invest in investment funding with up to 50% of the portfolio including retirement assets and public services pensions. The rest of the portfolio should be related to third party facilities.

Pension Fund

CMN changed the level of deployment of resources with pension assets. The agency has allowed the money, which is the supplementary pension funds, to replicate assets in the Investment Fund in Partnership (FIP) that was set up to secure money For infrastructure projects. Alternatively, these FIPs can provide sponsorship, warranty or commitments, working as a guarantor of some of the projects, promises the security of pension funds unless the projects are completed.

Pension funds can also invest in financial instruments that are already offered in the market, not only in appropriate instruments This is possible because the CMN has gone to -may that a "final property" investment fund can be controlled by a & # 39; shore to work in basic markets.

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